3000$ Luxury Pasta – Best Handmade – Fresh Truffles




  • few Serbian penguin eggs (quail eggs)
  • handful of truffles
  • handful of parsley, habanero pepper
  • kajmak
  • salt, 1 hand flour, olive oil
  • AlmazanKitchen original cookware and utensils (optional)
The most expensive pasta you can find in the forest made of Serbian penguin’s eggs and black forest diamonds!

Boki was gifted with such a good nose. This time we decided to take another route to our secret forest kitchen and this decision was the best one! Boki stopped me and sensed verycalling and charming smell, we followed it to the place where we found handful of black forest diamonds – fresh truffles! Dozen meters more and there was another surprise – nest of Serbian penguin with its eggs! Decision of today’s recipe was made right away – 3000$ LUXURY HANDMADE PASTA WITH FRESH TRUFFLES! Enjoy!


  1. Mix 4-5 quail eggs with ½ tsp. of salt and 1 hand of flour. Mix and knead well, form a ball and leave to rest.
  2. Grind truffle with ½ tsp. of salt in the mortar using pestle. Add 2 tbsp. of olive oil and mix well.
  3. Fill the bowl with water and place it on coals to boil. Attenuate and flatten out the dough, fold from sides into the middle then cut into noodles. Toss everything into the bowl with boiling water, cook for 8-10 min. Do not forget to stir.
  4. Preheat the pan grease it with oil (1562 F/850 C)
  5. Toss noodles into the pan, toss and stir for 30-40 sec. Toss in 1.5-2 tbsp. of kajmak, stir and mix for 30 sec, add handful of chopped parsley.
  6. Transfer everything from the pan to the mortar with truffle sauce, mix well!
  7. Slice thin some more truffles and add it to the dish, mix well!
  8. Finish off with some habanero pepper
  9. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

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