Best Tiramisu Ever! – Epic Cooking




  • savoiardi (lady fingers)
  • coffee, honey, amaretto, cocoa
  • pavlaka, 10 egg yolks
  • lemon
  • AlmazanKitchen original cookware and utensils (optional)

Today we will share with you our secret recipe – AlmazanKitchen method for almighty dessert of all time, Tiramisu! Just imagine savoiardis soaked in fresh aromatic coffee mixed with amaretto, layered like a sandwich with fresh homemade mascarpone with honey.You will witness how to make tiramisu from scratch, do not forget your notebooks and pens, you don’t want to miss this lection from Professor Boki!


  1. Boil 500ml of pavlaka (sour cream). Add lemon juice. Roll into the towel, hang it in the warm place and leave to dry out. Mix this mascarpone with 10 egg yolks and 1-2tbsp. honey. Mix well until sauce consistency. Put aside 2/3 of it, we will need it later.
  2. Roast 1 hand of coffee beans, transfer to mortar and grind using pestle. Transfer grinded coffee to the cezve, add water and let it boil few times (remove from the heater when it starts to boil, wait a little and repeat).
  3. Mix coffee and 50ml of amaretto. Soak lady fingers in it.
  4. Make a layers: mascarpone, lady fingers, mascarpone, cocoa powder, lady fingers, mascarpone, cocoa powder.
  5. Leave in a cold place until next day.
  6. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

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