How to Make Bruschetta – Crostini Recipe




  • Somun bread
  • 100g vešalica
  • 100g kulen
  • 100g homemade bacon/panchetta
  • 100g homemade cheese
  • fermented veggies for serving (olives, pepper in olive oil)
How to Make Bruschetta?

Let’s get it on! Pretty easy and fast recipe for dem parties and all dem girls, all of your friends will enjoy it and will call you a King of Foodie, or just a FoodPartyKing!


  • Cut three pieces of your beautiful soft yummy bread by using our special knife.
  • Feel it with slices of homemade cheese, add some vešalica, smoked bacon and of course Kulen! (you can replace stuff with salami, but it won’t be an original one recipe)
  • Bake for 5 minutes on the fire. (Do not forget, open fire is very dangerous, but makes everything taste better!)
  • Serve with homemade fermented veggies
  • Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

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So now you know how to be the FoodPartyKing! Go watch the video above and live a like if you did, and do not forget to subscribe. Cheers!



  1. aca

    Hello! Thx for writing us! For now we don’t have a recipe for Somun bread, but we will add a section to our blog, where you would be able to find a list of all ingredients that we use in our cooking. That bread is something really special, it is also called “bread with no kneading”.

  2. Wal

    G’day Mate

    I really love your cooking videos particularly the fun you seem to have gathering the ingredients in the bush, cooking them in your ‘kitchen’ and the relish you show eating them; I’ve tried a few of your recipes and they were fantastic.

    I notice that you use somun bread in a few of your recipes and I was wanting to know if you have a recipe for this? I hope you can help.

    Anyway, keep up the great work.


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