Almazan Kitchen® Carbon Blade Mineral Oil

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Recommended Mineral Oil for the prevention of stains and rust on Carbon Steel Knives. Use our Premium Almazan Kitchen® food-grade Mineral Oil on a clean and dry blade.

A few drops of this oil will do wonders for your knife and keep it rust-free.

*recommended for treatment and maintenance of your Almazan Kitchen® Original Knife


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  1. Dan

    The first oil I got was in an Almazan Kitchen bundle, so I loved it and ordered again. Excellent quality! The only product you need to have the carbon blade in pristine condition.

  2. Richard

    Good quality mineral oil, my carbon blades are totally free of rust since I’ve been using Almazan Kitchen oil for carbon steel blades, I’m very happy with this oil

  3. Art

    First-class oil for the maintenance of carbon steel items, good price and fast international delivery. Highly recommended.

  4. Osvald

    I bought the two oils sold on Almazan Kitchen website, one for wooden products, and the other one for carbon steel products. Both are fantastic. There isn’t a single rusty spot on my carbon steel cleaver thanks to this oil. A couple of drops go a long way! Excellent value for money!

  5. Walt

    All you need to have a perfect, rust-free carbon blade is this oil… literally just a few drops make all the difference! Fast shipping.

  6. Gilbert

    Fantastic product, kind seller, the goods arrived very quickly and that was a pleasant surprise having in mind it’s intercontinental delivery… great effort from the Almazan Kitchen team. Didn’t expect anything less.

  7. Smith

    Got this oil together with Almazan Kitchen carbon steel cleaver and spatulas. It’s excellent, not a trace of rust!

  8. Sam

    this oil is very kind to my carbon steel cleaver blade, I like it very much, it’s perfect, no rust on my knife

  9. Tate

    A very easy way to keep your carbon steel blade in order. Apply a few drops between uses and there is no rust. I am very happy with this product!

  10. Silvio

    Good quality oil, the little vial goes a long way! It passed my test with flying colors 🙂

  11. Tom

    Excellent product for carbon steel knives!

  12. Don

    Very good oil, so easy to use, just a drop or two are enough tto do the job 🙂 I’ve been using it for two years straight now and must say it’s a star.

  13. Simka

    This oil is designed by Almazan Kitchen team to protect their carbon steel blades, so I decided to give it a try. It really works, I can easily recommend it. Great product!

  14. Blondie

    When I first ordered from Almazan Kitchen I didn’t know about this oil, but I ordered it next time and it’s really great. Maintaining the carbon steel blade is paramount if you want it to be rust-free. I am very happy with this oil, my knife is as new.

  15. Hector

    Almazan Kitchen mineral oil is compatible with their carbon steel products so I recommend using it if you own some of their carbon steel blades. One drop se enough to keep the blade in pristine condition. Excellent quality!

  16. Brando

    This oil will protect your carbon steel blade. I own Almazan Kitchen axe and I treat the blade with this oil. It’s excellent!!!

  17. Ella

    Good quality oil, no rust

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