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Special bundle of Two Serbian Chef’s Knives and colorful Handmade Leather Sheath for each Knife in colors Olive and Light Brown!


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  1. peter

    there are several different bundles in Almazan Kitchen web shop, with a wide range of products. i chose this bundle as I needed only the knife, actually, two knives, one for me, one for my son. we are both camping freaks and go outdoors very often so we needed a multipurpose tool which could be used both for food and for different tasks around the campfire. these knives are awesome, they are incredibly sharp, hand-forged, the blades are made of carbon steel and the handles are made of walnut wood harvested in Europe, Serbia, which is the country of origin and production of these goods, as the seller explained. i learned that Almazan Kitchen is not only the global seller of their kitchen cutlery, but also the owner of a globally popular cooking YouTube channel under the same name, where you can see all their goods in action…fantastic content. this website is such a great find, they have many different products, all crafted from high quality materials. nearly forgot, the knives in this bundle come with leather sheaths in brown and olive green, very nice, neatly sewn, good quality real leather. excellent offer, and so is the whole experience with Almazan Kitchen.

  2. Donald

    If you can’t make up your mind about how to share your favorite Almazan Kitchen knife with your wife, then get two knives 🙂 This bundle is the solution to that problem – everybody’s happy, no more kitchen squabble 🙂 Great item!

  3. Alex

    I bought this as I wanted to use one of these knives in the kitchen, and the other one for outdoor cooking. The quality is really good, the delivery was sooner than expected, so I have nothing but best words for this experience.

  4. Tabitha

    Two-pack, got one knife for my dad and the other one for myself, they’re both great and the sheaths are great too, all items are very neatly made, the rivets on the knives are perfectly inserted… great effort, well done

  5. Saul

    The knives are wonderful, sharp, beautifully forged, the handles are soft and ergonomic, and the sheaths are made from high quality real leather. It looks even better than on the photos! Very satisfied!

  6. Sophia

    Bought this set as I wanted a pair of these knives and found this offer. Love the high standard in everything these guys do. The knives are as advertised, very sharp and they look so good! Thank you for the lovely products.

  7. Tim

    Unique goods, really well made from quality materials. Nicely put together, great set!

  8. Sam

    Good quality product, fine craftsmanship, quickly shipped. Thumbs up!

  9. Fred

    These web shop is where you get original Almazan Kitchen Serbian Chef’s knives. There are so many copies, be careful who you give your money to! I did a small research prior to purchasing these knives and found out the Almazan Kitchen knives are protected by an international patent, which makes other such knives copies. Almazan Kitchen knives are hand-crafted in Serbia, in Almazan Kitchen workshops. I love their uncompromised quality! Worth the money!

  10. Tyler

    Took me a while to connect this web shop with the Almazan Kitchen YouTube channel! I am so glad I could purchase the tools they cook with. Fantastic quality, as advertised, and exactly as in their cooking videos! So satisfied!

  11. Marion

    Very beautiful cleavers, rugged and authentic! Nice quality too 🙂

  12. Samantha

    Love this product, excellent value for the price!

  13. Popeye

    Nice set of carbon steel cleavers! I’m keeping one for myself and giving the other to my dad for his birthday. Glad I opted for this bundle, the money is well spent for sure!

  14. Murphy

    Great tools, very sharp, nice weight, precise, not much pressure is needed when cutting. Arrived quickly, just as announced, well wrapped and secured. Impressed!

  15. John

    I’m a repeat customer, love Almazan Kitchen goods and recipes! With these knives, I feel a part of their crew 🙂

  16. Salt n peppa

    Nice set. The carbon cleavers are fantastic, they are done with true attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. Great tools for garden, woods, indoor kitchen… very happy with my purchase!

  17. Mercury

    Great price for two knives! I keep one handy in the car, the other one in the kitchen. They are well made, strong, the edge holds fantastically even through intensive use… just great!

  18. Grandad

    Double trouble 🙂
    Just kidding, great set actually! They cut like crazy these knives!

  19. Tom

    I got this bundle as I wanted one knife for the bush, one for my kitchen. The quality is really very high, the knives are very well crafted and the sheaths are made of real leather. Glad to recommend!

  20. Daniela

    The bundle is great if two people want to get a knife each and not pay shipping twice! That’s what my friend and I did! Sooo happy!

  21. Jane

    Bought one knife for my father, one for my husband! They both love it 🙂

  22. Octavia

    Fantastic bundle, great price! Everyone knows how much I love Almazan Kitchen cooking channel, so my friends bought me this for my 30th birthday. I have never got such an amazing present… I was speechless. The products are superb, I just love their rustic style! Now I have one knife for the kitchen, one for the car/camping.

  23. Brenda

    My husband has been in love with Almazan Kitchen videos for years now, they even inspired him to learn to cook. I wanted to get him the original carbon steel knife from Almazan Kitchen, but I checked with him as I wanted to make sure what he wants. We looked at the webshop together and decided on this bundle. Great value for the money! Although we have a nice grill in the garden, my husband decided to build a fire pit too so that he could recreate Almazan Kitchen culinary videos. He uses one of the knives for cooking all the time, and the other one is in his tool shed, still unused. Once he starts using the other one, I will be happy to share that experience with everybody.

  24. Vanya

    Great experience Almazan Kitchen, your knives are great. This twin set is out of this world, great value for money. The hand-forged blade cuts through everything like nothing!! So glad I invested my money in these knives. Excellent deal too!

  25. Bart

    Double trouble 😊! Just kidding!! Great offer, great knives. My brother ordered this set so that we both could have the original Almazan Kitchen knife. We use them during our outdoor activities – biking, hiking, and particularly trekking. Whatever needs to be cut, chopped, diced, sliced, mixed, scooped – food or not – we use these knives for that. The sheaths are so neatly made. The stitch is perfect, the leather of highest quality and we love the colors of brown and olive green. Such a great offer too! I highly recommend the knives. The steel is very hard and durable, that’s why carbon steel knives are so popular.

  26. James

    I am not a professional chef, nor do I work in the catering business, but I like to have a good knife. I have been thinking about Almazan Kitchen knives for a long time, but this offer finally pushed me to get them. It’s a good deal. I needed one carbon steel knife for the kitchen, the other one for the backpack, as I often go camping with my sons. The one for the kitchen we use on a daily basis, we literally don’t need any other knife. The other one I used during one camping trip so far and I am very pleased with it. I used it to chop smaller firewood, cut some cords, and I cooked with it, cut meat etc. I am beyond satisfied. I recommend the knife and this offer, which is a great way to get two of these knives and save some money at the same time.

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