Almazan Kitchen® Original Wooden Cutting Boards

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Premium Almazan Kitchen® cutting boards are made from top-quality Serbian seasonal wood*. Precisely crafted for maximized dimensional stability, impregnated with an organic mixture of beeswax and natural herb oils our legendary boards are ready to withstand even the hardest culinary task!

A unique combination of rustic & luxury looks makes our boards suitable for any type of kitchen, at home, in the forest, or in a restaurant!

Every board is unique, thanks to the wood’s unique patterns combined with a special crafting style.





74.5 × 33 × 4.5 cm  //  29.3 × 13 × 1.8 inches

3,450g  //  lbs


64 × 29.5 × 4.5 cm  //  25 × 11.6 × 1.6 inches

1,800g  //  4 lbs


53.5 × 27.5 × 4.5 cm  //  21 × 10.8 × 1.6 inches

1,400g  //  3 lbs


  • Hand-crafted in Serbia
  • Top-quality Serbian walnut
  • Impregnated with organic beeswax and natural herb oils
  • Both sides are suitable for slicing
  • Can be used as a cutting and a serving board


  • Dispatching in 1-3 business days.
  • Delivery worldwide** from 5 business days*.
  • *For international deliveries, the transport time depends on the destination country and shipping method. More info in the Terms and Conditions of Purchase section. 


wooden board nature


Premium-quality, walnut wood cutting board by Almazan Kitchen

Doubles as a serving board

Enriched with an organic mixture of beeswax and natural herb oils, Almazan Kitchen’s legendary boards are durable and made for cooking in the wild.

Or bring the wild into your kitchen or restaurant! Hand-made, each board has its unique pattern and brings that rustic vibe into any space.

Made in Serbia




  1. Tory

    Ordered all three sizes. The idea was to use the large one for serving only, and the two smaller ones for chopping… they are all so nicely done, very smooth on both sides, with perfect finish. Love the hole as they can be hung… excellent is the word!

  2. Ellen

    nice board, the colour is my fav shade of brown, very strong wood but gentle with knives… happy with the choice I made

  3. Binzo

    Board so good, am happy with the order

  4. Santa

    They have two kinds of boards, olive wood and these made of walnut wood. I got this one first, and I have ordered the olive steak board. This walnut wood board is so beautiful, I did not want to use it for cutting at first. But then I realized it has two sides, so if I cut on one, I can still use the other for food presentation! So happy to have thought of that 🙂

  5. Chronos

    I finally bought this board! It’s excellent! Recommend both the product and the seller/manufacturer!

  6. Tom

    Fine product, fast shipping!

  7. Svetlana

    I have been searching for a good cutting board for a while, and this one appealed to me. I know that the stuff they sell on this website is what they use in Almazan Kitchen videos, so I have seen this board used many times. I am very happy with it, it’s lovely made, smooth finish, strong, durable and very pretty… so satisfied with this purchase. Will order more from my favorite YouTube cooks! Great job guys!

  8. Orhan

    excelent products made with care and usefull like the board a lot

  9. Latifa

    I ordered two boards, small and large and oil for the maintenance. Just a few drops of lemony oil on walnut wood is enough for easy care. The craft is high level and the color very nice…

  10. Viola

    Love the product, the chopping board is very beautiful. I am using one side for serving, the other for cutting. Nice product!

  11. Liz

    Parcel arrived within announced deadline, quality of the board is superb.

  12. Burt

    Have all three sizes, they are so good and durable over time. Nice for chopping and serving too. The big one is very often a centrepiece with a selection of cheeses and prosciutto.

  13. Burt

    I’ve had this one for a couple of years and it stood up to many sharp cuts, dark stains and strong odors. Phenomenal!

  14. Sam

    Like this board, does n’t splitt, very firm

  15. Mama

    Nice board, has ample space for cutting and chopping, or serving. Easy to care for, just a few drops of mineral oil every now and then. Glad to recommend!

  16. Salma

    Love the product! Quality as advertised!

  17. Dan

    Saw these beautiful cutting boards on Almazan Kitchen cooking channel. Love the way they arrange food on them, so I borrowed the idea 🙂 I use them for serving when I have some friends over at my house. Very happy with my purcahse!

  18. Donka

    Fantastic chopping boards, I got all three sizes. They are easy care, I ordered the Almazan Kitchen oil for wooden products. From time to time, I treat my boards with a thin layer of this excellent lemony oil. Very happy with Almazan Kitchen service and products! Highly recommend!

  19. Snezana

    Excellent cutting board. Before this one, I had been using a plastic cutting board for a long time. Although it was a quality product, it simply can’t be compared with a wooden cutting board. Premium quality!

  20. Anita

    Very nice looking board, in a warm brown color. Amazing wood quality. Both for serving and cutting/chopping. I am very happy with this lovely product.

  21. Andrew can Cook

    My large Almazan Kitchen cutting board was delivered a week ago. I’m more than satisfied. I already have several cutting boards as I believe they are vital for food sanitation because wood is anti-microbial. In my view, it is a must that a well-stocked kitchen has several different cutting boards for the myriad of things you cut and chop and slice, etc. I think this is an excellent product, well done guys!

  22. Jane

    I love this product! It features a reversible surface, perfect for both meal prep and entertaining. It’s ideal as a charcuterie board!

  23. Dana

    This board is perfect for everyday food preparation, from slicing fruit to chopping veggies. I am also thinking of ordering more as gifts. To me it seems that this board in all three sizes would make a perfect kitchen starter set or housewarming gift. Well done, Almazan Kitchen!

  24. Tamara

    This is a great cutting board! Very pretty, I opted for the medium and large one. I use the large one for serving, the medium one for chopping. The craftsmanship is superb, no cracks or splinters, impeccably polished. Don’t hesitate to buy it!

  25. Jean-Paul

    I own a small catering business and I order kitchen utensils very often. These walnut wood cutting boards are beautiful. I have ordered three sets in different sizes and we use them for serving although they are regular chopping boards and can be used for chopping too. The color of the wood is as in the photos. Our guests always ask where they can buy them. Love the little hole, that’s how we keep them in the kitchen, hung on the wall. Thank you very much for the speedy delivery and this lovely product!

  26. Willie

    one of the best product

  27. MargaretB (verified owner)

    Received my Knife, Sheath and Cutting Board and love all 3 items, beautifully crafted, beautifully packaged and super fast shipping overseas. Thank you so very much Almazan!

  28. Linda Vincent (verified owner)

    Absolutely happy with my purchase of knife/sheath & cutting board! Super fast delivery to the U.S. Thank you!

  29. Marc R. (verified owner)

    Hey Guys ! Many thanx for the quick delivery ! The chopping board and the knife was arriving me yesterday !

  30. Lloyd K. (verified owner)

    Cutting Board arrived 8/12. Beautiful and a storied journey from Hungarian forests to Veces, New York and Atlanta! Your product’s quality matches the artistic details of your Almazan Culinary videos.
    From my kitchen to yours, many Thanks.
    LGK, USA

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