Almazan Kitchen® Sharpening Stone Set

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Almazan Kitchen® Sharpening Stone Set is intended for anyone who wants to enjoy the process of sharpening their own knives.

The set contains:

-Top-quality Japanese Sharpening Stone (1000/3000 grit)

-Sharpening Stone Holder

-Special Non-Slip Rubber Band

-White Stone for Sharpener Cleaning

Perfect for maintenance of your Almazan Kitchen® Knife


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  1. Bettie

    Got this a few weeks ago, I use it on all my knives it’s excellent and very easy to handle

  2. Antonio

    useful item, works well, shipped fast, good price

  3. James

    Good sharpener, good value for money, and just the right size. Money well spent!

  4. Tom

    Whoever is handling knives on a daily basis, they must appreciate a reliable sharpener. This one is very fine, actually. I got it along with one of Almazan Kitchen knives and it’s really good. One side is 1000 grit, the other 3000 which is enough for fine honing. The nonslip thing helps a lot. Very satisfied with the purchase.

  5. Patrick

    A dull knife is always frustrating, but if you cook on a daily basis like I do, you need a sharp knife. You can take your knife to a professional, but it’s not difficult to do it yourself if you have a good sharpener. This one is excellent, non slip, two different grit sides, it has everything necessary. Good value for money!

  6. Fadil

    very good product, totally as advertised, easy to use

  7. Dean

    Very fine sharpener, good value for money

  8. Dan

    Excellent sharpening set, I use it on all my knives. One side is 1000 grit the other 3000, more than enough for fine honing. Recommend!

  9. Ewan

    This kit can be used on literally any blade in your kitchen, not just Almazan Kitchen knives. You don’t need to use oil with the whetstone because it works with water, which is a great. Love the product and highly recommend it!

  10. Jim

    I love this product. Two grits on two sides of the whetstone will get you just the sharpening you want. The combination of grit #1000 for basic sharpening and grit #3000 for honing it to your preference is more than enough. Excellent product, great price!

  11. Don

    I am quite happy with this sharpener, it has 1000/3000 grit combination and can be used for all kinds of knives. Nicely made, has a nonslip surface, arrived quickly.

  12. Stan

    I have two Almazan Kitchen knives, one high carbon steel, the other one stainless steel. I use this sharpener for both. Excellent item!

  13. Franco

    I bought this with Almazan Kitchen carbon steel knife. Although the edge holds well, sooner or later it will need sharpening, so why not this one. It looks fantastic, has a non-slip surface, will let you know how it works once my knife is a bit dulled. Very kind seller and fast shipment.

  14. Odi

    Great value for money, works like clockwork, so useful, fast shipment

  15. Jane

    the grit combination is 1000/3000, excellent for carbon steel blades, but any blade can be sharpened with this sharpner

  16. Sam

    exccellent sharpener comes with a wooden holder and has a nonslip thing on, I like it very much

  17. Tom

    Very good sharpening stone, should be used wet. The green side is 1000 grit, the white 3000 for a smooth finish. I think this product is excellent!

  18. Renato

    green side is coarser and white for smooth finish, excellent sharpening stone, works better when water is poured over it

  19. Sam

    Good sharpener, splash some water over it and the result is guaranteed

  20. Johnny

    A very nice piece, has a non-slip surface, very comfortable to use. Good quality!

  21. Emma

    Nice product, has a good grip to it. The coarser side is for sharpening a dulled edge, and the finer side is for polishing the blade. Extremely user friendly! Nice!

  22. Stanley

    The combination of 1000 and 3000 grit has proven to be the right one for my two Almazan Kitchen knives, but also for my other knives. I put a little water over it and it’s perfect. Good product.

  23. Val

    Excellent little sharpener! I don’t use the rougher side every time, maybe every other time. Does the job!!!

  24. Odi

    We were taking our knives to a professional for a long time, but with this one, I realized I could do it too. Easy to use and very good. Thumbs up!

  25. James

    Nice, compact sharpener. Quite happy with the results!

  26. Tito

    Excellent sharpener, but be careful, you don’t want to overdo it. Be gentle with your blade!

  27. Gardener

    I like to sharpen my knives whenever I feel they are not sharp enough, that’s why I need to have one of these handy. Excellent sharpener, 100% recommend!

  28. Forte

    Fairly good tool, I’ve already tried it on one of my knives. Good price too

  29. Simbad

    Very fine knife sharpener! Was part of a larger package from Almazan Kitchen, including a knife. I haven’t used the sharpener yet as the knife is very sharp, but will share the experience in due time 🙂

  30. James

    I have been a proud owner of the carbon steel original Serbian Chef’s knife made by Almazan Kitchen for several years now. The minute they launched their own blade sharpener, I got it. It works wonders for my knife. One side is coarser, 1000 grit, the other finer, 3000 grit. This is enough to sharpen and hone your knife edge to perfection.

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