Olive Wood Dishes Set

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This lovely multipurpose set of three stackable dishes will come in very handy in any kitchen.

Apart from appetizers, they can be used for just about anything: dips, side dishes, even trinkets.

Please note that olive wood products are unique and vary in shape, size, and color, just like the olive trees they are made of. There are no two alike. They may vary from the stock photos on our website.


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  1. Chris

    Lovely set, perfect for small bites and nuts! Makes a nice present 🙂

  2. Aiko

    can’t cook, use this for jewellry very good

  3. Falco

    I use these bowls for nuts, they are excellent! Very easy to clean. A few drops of mineral oil from time to time will keep them in perfect shape!

  4. Nancy

    I prefer stackable dishes, they are space friendly. Love olive wood and the grain pattern! Fine quality, money well spent!

  5. Alex

    Love stackable stuff, I have a tiny kitchen 🙂 These guys are really cute and useful!

  6. Tory

    Very useful, versatile! I am very satisfied and will buy more for gifts, everybody loves them. Thanks!

  7. Sun

    lovey little set to use in kitchen every day, so lovey

  8. Leah

    Got this from my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day! Can’t get enough of them. They are easy care and multifunctional. Good value for money!

  9. Nona

    Trio fantastico! I use them every day, for every meal and I just love them so mmuch!! Thenk you for this great litttle product!

  10. Corine

    Guys, I love these appetizer dishes, they are adorable! Plus, the function is so versatile. I use mine for dips, side salads, side dishes, different bites… excellent product and very reasonable price!

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