Hand-Crafted Olive Wood Basket

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Made of a single piece of 700 years old wood, this valuable and beautiful utensil definitely spells art – every piece is hand-made and different.

It is versatile and can be used for preparing dough or minced meat, or for collecting wild herbs, and mushrooms… its uses will go a long way.

It can even be an outstanding centerpiece at your dining table – for flower or fruit arrangements or to serve food.

Please note that olive wood products are unique and vary in shape, size, and color, just like the olive trees they are made of. There are no two alike. They may vary from the stock photos on our website.

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  1. Francesca

    Great basket, love the irregular shape and asymmetrical pattern of olive wood grain. Very, very nice! Arrived quickly.

  2. Jane

    Such a lovely basket although mine does not look like the one in the photo, but it is just as beautiful! Gorgeous!

  3. Luna

    This could easily be a centre-piece ornament for the dining table, it’s so lovely. It definitely added to the esthetics of my interior! Very happy with this buy!

  4. Sam

    The seller explained, when asked how different these baskets were compared to the photo, that they could be very different, but mine is like one of the advertised ones. It’s very pretty!

  5. Hannah

    The most beautiful item ever, it arrived quite fast via DHL, well wrapped and packed, it’s far prettier than in the photo… still have to think what to use it for, probably fruit as advertised

  6. Sam

    Gergeous basket, recommend!

  7. Jane

    I saw in the photos how different these can be, so that added to the excitement… when my basket arrived, I was delighted, it was the most beautiful one ever! Love it so much, worth every penny!!

  8. Mona

    This rustic piece surpassed my expectations, both in quality and looks. An amazing product! Very fast intercontinental delivery, helpful seller! Thumbs up!

  9. Francesca

    Olive wood is a new find for me, have never used it before. This is such beautiful wood and the basket is incredible. It is different from the one in the photo, but it says it can differ as each one is made from a different olive tree and they all have specific patterns and grainy structure. Very beautiful product, well worth the money!

  10. Rhondita

    I am so happy I managed to get hold of this piece. It’s worth every cent, such superb craftsmanship and premium quality material!!! I use mine for fruit and flower arrangements, it’s just such an embellishment on my dining table! Highly recommend!

  11. Alpha

    What a beautiful piece of olive wood! I absolutely love it, particularly because my basket is different from all others – as a matter of fact, they are all different, with different patterns and hues… love this amazing product!!!

  12. Sonia

    Beautiful, unusual piece. Can be used for fruit or something else, but can also stand on its own, like a sculpture!

  13. Hermione

    Beautiful hand carved piece for fruit or anything else that you want to keep in it! I love this basket for a variety of reasons 🙂 I love the fact that it’s not symmetrical, because it looks different from different angles 🙂

  14. Aurora

    My basket arrived today and I must say that the picture on the website doesn’t do it justice. It’s much more beautiful in reality!

  15. Rob

    A stunning product that comes in varying shapes… my arrived similar to the photo. it’s beautiful, hand made and carved out of a single piece of olive wood! So satisfying to look at and use!

  16. Tim

    Very pretty and useful basket, I use it differently – sometimes for bread, sometimes for flowers or fruit. Very nice.

  17. Fanny

    Gorgeous product! Well done boys!

  18. Rea

    I initially went over to Almazan Kitchen webshop to purchase the famous carbon steel knife, but when I saw how many olive wood products they had I googled olive kitchen utensils a bit before my purchase and learned that olive wood is particularly durable and healthy to use. I got the knife, but also this basket, some small side dish bowls, a ladle, citron press and salt/spice keeper.

    I can’t tell you how beautiful this basket is. It doesn’t even resemble a dish, rather a work of art. I use it for very specific flower arrangements, which I make and it added so much esthetic value to my dining room…

  19. Cleo

    Bought this along with some other stuff from Almazan Kitchen. With a heavy heart gave the basket to my mom, she loved it so much 🙂 Whenever I come to her place, I see this beautiful basket full of fruit in the kitchen! She keeps thanking me over and over again 🙂

  20. Aretha

    I saw this basket in one of Almazan Kitchen culinary videos and also on their Instagram page, and loved it straight away! I can’t explain well enough how beautiful mine is. I use it as a centerpiece for flower arrangement, or fruit arrangement. It’s just perfect! Easy to clean to, chip proof! Worth every cent!

  21. Anne

    Got mine and love it!

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