Set of Olive Wood Bowls

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This set of multipurpose hand-made bowls contains 6 pieces, all made of a single piece of olive wood.

They have many different uses, plus they fit in nature perfectly, being fragments of nature themselves.

This lovely set of bowls is a great help in the kitchen, too, and second to none when it comes to serving food.


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  1. Andy

    Love the stacking, the olive wood coloring, the multipurposeness, the price, the fast shipping… very nice!

  2. Francesca

    I got these bowls for two of my friends and finally I got them for myself. I absolutely adore them. From soups to dips, from snacks to trinkets and potpourri… they are ideal for everything 🙂 Nice price, nice seller, fast shipping, glad to recommend this set!

  3. Dalia

    Beautiful bowls, versatile and so useful in any kitchen and dining room! I use them for dips, side salads, fruit salads, nuts, sweets, the larger ones for soups… very satisfied with this item!

  4. Emma

    Great set, love the idea of space-saving by stacking, olive wood is so pretty with different patterns, multipurpose… just love it!

  5. Tom

    Cool item, love it! Fast shipping and helpful seller.

  6. Georgina

    Such a great and versatile set of bowls! They are a fixture on my kitchen top, I use them for everything! Love the olive wood antiseptic quality and the fact that there is no food smell on it ever!

  7. Jamie

    Love olive wood in all forms and shapes, this set is just adorable! Arrived quickly!

  8. Jane

    Very nice item, fast shipping, good price, premium quality! Thumbs up, great buy!

  9. Edna

    6 bowls that can be used for so many different things in a kitchen, or a home in general. I have some of these in my bathroom actually and use them for potpourri, and some I keep in the kitchen and use for broths, dips, side salads…nice!

  10. Lena

    This is one of those lovely things that every kitchen needs. The stack system saves the space! Very nice!

  11. Altea

    Nice set, price is ok, very useful, arrived quickly. Very good experience.

  12. Una

    I ordered two and now my boyfriend and I have a full set for dinner – we eat ramen and broths from the largest ones and use the others for side dishes, veggies, side salads, dips… they are easy to clean and there are no smells afterwards as olive wood keeps the smells away. From time to time I put some mineral wood care oil to help them last longer… lovely product

  13. Fiona

    My fav item on this website, the best price, the most versatile product! Manufactured with such care, smooth finish… excellent!

  14. Thomas

    Bought this for my best friend’s birthday, she loved it! Useful, versatile, nice!

  15. Oscar

    Love these bowls and the space-saving stack… bowls are always useful, I grab them for all kinds of purposes, love to eat my ramen from the largest one and the others are for dips, side dishes, side salads, nuts, etc. Good price, good quality!

  16. Venusia

    Who says it’s difficult to have a six-pack??? 🙂
    All you need to do is order this lovely set online and wait for a few days. The quality is superb, shipping very fast, good price!!

  17. Andre

    Nice set, good for dips, very splendid

  18. Daniela

    Multifunctional kitchen set, a go-to container set for all kinds of stuff one uses in a kitchen. Nicely made, neat, well finished and sanded, no residue inside or out, simply perfect. I like the small ones very much, I eat nutella out of them 🙂

    If you are thinking of an appropriate present for a friend or family member, consider this set. It’s one of the most useful things I have ever purchased for my kitchen. A huge recommend!!

  19. Arlette

    This set of olive wood bowls has been one of the best buys I have recently made, so versatile and useful! The quality is premium, the wood excellent, with smooth finish. I have ordered another set, as I use the first one for potpourri, trinkets, yamb dice, such stuff, and the other set is for food only – different dips, nuts, salads, the bigger ones for broth… wonderful set and money well spent!

  20. Olena

    One of my favourite Almazan Kitchen accessories, it is so useful and very, very pretty!

  21. Rina

    Wow, lovely stack of bowls! So nice, and space-friendly too :). I use them every day, they sit like this on my kitchen top. Glad I got them.

  22. Etna

    Super cute, love it! arrived quickly, nice seller

  23. Ante

    I thought the set is bigger but the seller sent me the dimensions and I see this dimensions can also be used for manyt hings so I buy, very satisfied!

  24. Rita

    Nice set,v ery useful for food or potpourri or anything really, nice buy

  25. Alina

    A lovely set, completely beyond expectations, arrived very fast! Excellent experience!

  26. Odi

    So well made! Sanded to perfection, very, very smooth! Love this set!

  27. Kaya

    This set of bowls makes such a lovely gift! The olive wood is beautiful!

  28. Jackie

    Fun set, can be used for food and trinkets 🙂 I use mine for all kinds of stuff!

  29. Mary

    Multi purpose bowls in several sizes, the smallest one is quite small, ideal for spicy dips! I use this daily, excellent set!

  30. Jane

    A very cute set actually!

  31. Ula

    One of my favourite products from this site! Versatile and practical, with so many different uses and functions. Great offer! Glad I got them!!

  32. Albert

    This is great for small kitchens, where every inch counts. When not in use, they take up just a bit of space. Good value for money and so pretty!

  33. Rose

    Such a great product! I use these bowls for dips, nuts, side dishes, side salads, different spreads… perfect! Very satisfied!

  34. Steph

    Practical, space-saver, extremely useful. Great value for the price!

  35. Valiant

    Fun to use… I’m not a great cook, I mainly keep trinkets in them 🙂

  36. Vanya

    Excellent set of bowls!

  37. Gemini

    I find his set of olive wood bowls a very good value for money, it’s multipurpose. I use it for side dishes and dips, like advertised. And also for serving jam or nutella for the pancakes. Very sweet and useful!

  38. Hami

    This set excellent, Almazans thank you for this set! I use every day!!

  39. Brenda

    Love my olive wood bowls. They’re so pretty and look so nice on the table, useful and decorative at the same time. Great for spices and dips. Thanks Almazan!

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