Set of Olive Wood Bowls

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This set of multipurpose hand-made bowls contains SIX pieces, all made of a single piece of olive wood.

We love working with them in Almazan Kitchen videos, because they have so many different uses, plus they fit in nature perfectly, being fragments of nature themselves.

This lovely set of bowls is a great help in the kitchen, too, and second to none when it comes to serving food.


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  1. Odi

    So well made! Sanded to perfection, very, very smooth! Love this set!

  2. Kaya

    This set of bowls makes such a lovely gift! The olive wood is beautiful!

  3. Jackie

    Fun set, can be used for food and trinkets 🙂 I use mine for all kinds of stuff!

  4. Mary

    Multi purpose bowls in several sizes, the smallest one is quite small, ideal for spicy dips! I use this daily, excellent set!

  5. Jane

    A very cute set actually!

  6. Ula

    One of my favourite products from this site! Versatile and practical, with so many different uses and functions. Great offer! Glad I got them!!

  7. Albert

    This is great for small kitchens, where every inch counts. When not in use, they take up just a bit of space. Good value for money and so pretty!

  8. Rose

    Such a great product! I use these bowls for dips, nuts, side dishes, side salads, different spreads… perfect! Very satisfied!

  9. Steph

    Practical, space-saver, extremely useful. Great value for the price!

  10. Valiant

    Fun to use… I’m not a great cook, I mainly keep trinkets in them 🙂

  11. Vanya

    Excellent set of bowls!

  12. Gemini

    I find his set of olive wood bowls a very good value for money, it’s multipurpose. I use it for side dishes and dips, like advertised. And also for serving jam or nutella for the pancakes. Very sweet and useful!

  13. Hami

    This set excellent, Almazans thank you for this set! I use every day!!

  14. Brenda

    Love my olive wood bowls. They’re so pretty and look so nice on the table, useful and decorative at the same time. Great for spices and dips. Thanks Almazan!

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