Olive Wood Ladle

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The olive wood ladle will help you with making soups, broths, sauces, etc. It will make stirring, scooping, and scraping easy.

The handle is very strong, and it will not get hot when exposed to high temperatures. It sits comfortably in your hand and has a good grip.

Please note that olive wood products are unique and vary in shape, size, and color, just like the olive trees they are made of. There are no two alike. They may vary from the stock photos on our website.

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  1. Brenda

    Love this product, it’s very strong and easy to clean, no smells

  2. Brenda

    Very good, I bought this as a test piece, will buy some more, love the quality

  3. Talant

    Very nice ladle, got it with some other Almazan Kitchen stuff, all excellent products!

  4. Valentina

    Great buy, kind seller, fast shipment

  5. Elizabeth

    I love wooden ladles, don’t burn me mouth when I try if the meal’s done

  6. Selena

    Sweet ladle, bought a pair, very good

  7. Bibi

    Wood cutlery the best! Easy to clean,healty

  8. Johann

    This wooden scoop is so practical. It will not burn your tongue if you like to taste food during preparation like I do.

  9. Falco

    Love wooden ladles, particularly olive wood with its natural hygienic characteristics

  10. Bro

    Great if you love natural materials like I do

  11. Jane

    Such a nice, naturally looking ladle! It goes well with my other olive wood cutlery.

  12. Tony

    Excellent product! For all of you who like wooden cutlery, this is a very useful piece!

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