Olive Wood Mortar and Pestle

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If you want to crush herbs and spices in a piece of history, this is the product for you!

Made of rustic and sturdy olive wood, our mortar and pestle are ideal for everyday use.

This hand-carved olive wood set is made of durable and nonporous wood and if handled properly, it can last a lifetime.

Please note that olive wood products are unique and vary in shape, size, and color, just like the olive trees they are made of. There are no two alike. They may vary from the stock photos on our website.

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  1. Fuomi

    like it this product excellent function!

  2. Roberto

    My house interior is rustic so I tend to buy similar stuff, these Almazan Kitchen pieces are just that! I bought one of the bundles and this mortar and pestle. Everything is grand!

  3. Tana

    Excellent mortar and pestle, not too heavy, easy maintenance with a few drops of oil every now and then

  4. Wilma

    Great for crushing up herbs and spices, love to make my own mixes ­čÖé

  5. Edina

    I have a marble mortar and pestle and I dropped it once accidentally and damaged both my marble kitchen top and one tile on the floor ­čÖü
    This wooden one is light and even if it falls, nothing can happen. It grinds perfectly, maybe even better than the marble one. Excellent product, glad I got it.

  6. Fay

    Comfortable to hold, rugged edge makes for a very good grip, looking nice on my kitchen top… all in all, excellent purchase, very happy, did not wait long

  7. Andy

    I already had a marble mortar and pestle, but it was too heavy and I avoided using it. Since I got this one made of olive wood, I have been using only that one. It’s fantastic, stable, natural, just great! Good value for money too!

  8. Sarah

    Fantastic, useful product! Great value for money! Thanks ever so much for expanding this wonderful web shop with products you use in your YouTube videos!

  9. Jane

    Natural in style, very hard, ideal for grinding herbs and spices into tasty dressings! Great decision to include this product in your web shop. I love mine so much and use it daily!

  10. Wayne

    I have always preferred wooden mortar and pestle to any other material. This is the most natural way to grind stuff. Excellent price too!

  11. Edina

    I finally put my hands on this one ­čÖé I had been pestering Almazan Kitchen customer service for a long time about this product and now I finally have it! I am very happy with it. The best way of grinding spices, nuts, herbs… So in love with it!

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