Olive Wood Rustic Salad Bowl

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Our hand-made olive wood salad bowl is a beautiful multi-purpose piece. It can be used as a fruit bowl, too.

The nicely curved sides show the creamy-brown nuances of olive wood, with dark or black streaks.

As you may know, olive wood can only be felled after it stops yielding fruit, so by getting this bowl, you actually get a piece of history – as olive trees can be up to 1500 years old.

Please note that olive wood products are unique and vary in shape, size, and color, just like the olive trees they are made of. There are no two alike. They may vary from the stock photos on our website.

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  1. Fiona

    This bowl is the most talked-about subject at any dinner I give 🙂
    Everybody just loves it! I am so glad I got it!

  2. Brenda

    Such a lovely salad bowl! Easy to clean, does not keep the smells. Very happy with this impulse purchase 🙂

  3. Alea

    A fantastic addition for any kitchen, I am a proud owner of 2 such bowls, they are so lovely, I use one for flower arrangements, the other one for fruit… very convenient and pretty!

  4. Fran

    This is one of the most beautiful items in my kitchen, it’s just so pretty! Very versatile, can be used for just about anything.

  5. Tony

    nice, versatile bowl, can be used for many different things, very useful, very attractive

  6. Serena

    This beauty sits on my kitchen top and it looks too good! Really glad with this purchase!

  7. Snow White

    Almazan Kitchen is my favorite cooking channel! Love their YouTube contents and their web shop. So glad they are expanding and sharing such wonderful handmade goods! I put this bowl on my wedding list and I have been using it every day. I either keep fruit in it, or make some kind of centrepiece for my dining table. Love it!

  8. Vera

    This piece is hand-carved by true artists, I can’t stop looking at it. If this bowl could talk, it would say something profoundly wise 🙂

  9. Lorna

    Piece of kitchen art! Highly recommend!

  10. Amber

    Such a grand bowl! Love it! Well sanded, impregnated and polished with olive oil. Beautiful color and grain pattern! I use mine for fruit, but it has many uses basically.

  11. Fantana

    Beautiful material turned into a work of usable art by skilled hands! I am privileged to eat out of this bowl 🙂

  12. Atina

    Wonderful piece, can be used for salads, fruit, or a flower arrangement… very nice quality. The same quality as in photos.

  13. Alma

    A very pretty bowl, looks like art to me, and goes well with my charcuterie board. The wood grain is exactly as pictured on stock photos. Well done!

  14. Esther

    A piece to last a lifetime! Love it!

  15. Art

    Handmade, rustic, unique and useful for different purposes! Perfect choice!

  16. Sean

    I made a sensational gift when I brought this lovely bowl to a small function. The host loved it!

  17. Anita

    What a beautiful piece of work! Thank you so much, it will be well used 🙂

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