Olive Wood Steak Board

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This one-piece steak cutting board comes with a hole handle and a groove for the collection of meat juices.

This groove also gives it a modern flair – yet, it is unmistakeably rustic, with a remarkable splash of original olive wood coloring.

Perfect for cutting and serving steaks and other food.

Please note that olive wood products are unique and vary in shape, size, and color, just like the olive trees they are made of. There are no two alike. They may vary from the stock photos on our website.

Can be used for both cutting and serving.

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ruler 15.7 inches

weight 50 oz

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ruler 19.6 inches

weight 88 oz

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  1. Juliann

    Love everything about this product, the type of wood, the hole handle so I can hang it and my small kitchen can always use some space saving, the juice groove… very finely made, smooth! Good value for the price.

  2. Falco

    I don’t know why I haven’t bought olive wood chopping boards before. This one is very dense and has a juice groove, which is such a convenient feature when cutting steaks. Very fine product! Recommend!

  3. Sam

    Steak board with a very useful groove for the juices that ooze during cutting… fantastic idea, great product. Washes easily, and olive wood does not appear to keep any bad smells. Thumbs up!

  4. Alice

    Have these in two sizes, they are excellent. I treat them with Almazan Kitchen mineral oil for wood so they smell nice, plus the olive wood already has hygienic qualities so I feel very safe using them. The hole-handles are space savers, I keep them on the kitchen wall. All in all, a great item! Fast shipping is also worth mentioning, and so is the patient and helpful seller!

  5. Sonya

    Great product, very helpful seller, intercontinental delivery relatively fast (8 days). Recommend!

  6. Jane

    Very good steak board with a little groove to collect the juices. That and the helpful seller made this a very pleasant experience. I will definitely shop again here. Thanks for a great product!

  7. Jane

    a proper steak board, wasn’t expecting anything less from my favorite cooking page

  8. Sam

    To be honest, I wasn’t expecting such a superb product, so I was in for a big surprise with this one! Recommend totally!

  9. Sita

    Have ordered these in both sizes… they are both very useful, depending on how big your chunk of meat is. The little canal for the collection of juices is easy to clean. Everything is as in the ad. Love olive wood, in these large pieces the patterns are really striking!

  10. Oscar

    Excellent olive wood chopping board with a juice groove… so clever 🙂
    International delivery was fast. Very happy with the product. Recommend!

  11. Oxana

    Perfect steak board, fast shipping

  12. Steph

    Cool steak board, mine is different than the one in the photo but that’s due to the olive wood pattern… overall impression – beyond satisfied, very nice

  13. Sarah

    this is not my 1st steak board, but this one has a wide groove which is easy for cleaning, while still deep enough to collect the juices… well done

  14. Rhonda

    Cutting board with a groove for the collection of meat/veggie/fruit juices… neat! I like the idea, it comes very handy.

  15. Alina

    Quite happy with this board, have never had grooved board before, it’s very useful

  16. Tom

    Superb product, very useful. Quality olive wood, beyond expectations.

  17. Evelyn

    Love the meat juice groove, so clever! Very good product!

  18. Jasko

    Fantastic chopping board, well made and looking good! Arrived in a week, very good experience!

  19. Olivera

    Very nice product. Love olive wood and its antibacterial quality. Very pretty too!

  20. Said

    One of the best cutting boards I’ve had in years, excellent for meat with the juice collector all around the edge. Contact with the seller, Almazan Kitchen team, was excellent. Well done!

  21. Anna

    Good quality product, easy wash, easy care. Nice seller, fast shipping.

  22. Jane

    Fantastic board, I have 50cm one, great size. The groove for collecting liquids is so great and it’s easy to wash. Olive wood pattern is very nice.

  23. Tami

    Very quality, I like this much! easy wash

  24. Valerie

    I ordered both size boards, they come in 40 and 50cm. I am very particular when I prepare food, so I use one for cutting meat and the other for veggies. Olive wood has antiseptic qualities and I feel safe cutting meat on it. It’s also very hard, but not too hard, it will not damage knives. Perfect boards!

  25. Emilie

    A great cutting board, has a tiny groove to collect meat juices! Excellent, beyond expectations!

  26. Camilla

    Gorgeously grained olive wood is so well displayed on a flat surface like a cutting board! It’s gentle on knives, it stands up to chopping, carving and slicing tasks. I am too happy with this kitchen utensil!

  27. Rosa

    My 50cm steak board arrived and I love it. It’s beautiful. Shipping was surprisingly fast, under 10 days from Europe to the US. Helpful seller!

  28. Seamus

    I bought the small and medium one, thought the large one would be heavy as I have arthritis, but I think I’ll order that one too. These boards are good quality wood, hard but not too hard to dull the knife’s edge. They resist moisture buildup… quite impressive piece of kitchen equipment. Happy to recommend!

  29. Ethan

    This one features juice canal, ideal for cutting steaks! I’m a home cook and I love it!

  30. Latoya

    My olive wood cutting board arrived very quickly, well wrapped and packaged, without any damages. I’m so thankful for that. It’s very beautiful, so I decided to use it to serve cheese. A selection of cheeses looks very decorative when served on this board.

  31. Tracey

    I ordered three olive wood chopping/serving boards, one for me, one for my mother and one for my sister. They are all beautiful, but different, as olive tree markings are never the same. The surface is polished flat to perfection, so it does not cause cracks or dullness of the knife. It’s treated with edible oil from the same producer (Almazan Kitchen). It’s designed with deep juice grooves, so it can collect excess liquids and keep your counter tidy. No too heavy, just right! Great product! Love it!

  32. Jim the Cook

    Must say, this is a very well-made cutting board. The built-in juice groove is close to the edge to maximize the cutting area and at the same time to catch excess juices without overflow to the kitchen area! Clever! The grooves are the right size, they are wide enough to catch the liquids, but not too narrow to clean. I love working with this board! I also bought the Almazan Kitchen oil for the maintenance of wooden items and I treat the board from time to time with that oil. I’m extremely satisfied with this product.

  33. Ian

    Awesome, looking good, practical! I recommend it highly!!

  34. Alda

    I always wanted to have an olive wood chopping board, so glad I got this one! The craft is exquisite, and it makes this cutting board very durable and strong, but not overly thick. After meticulous sanding and polishing, it is totally smooth and flat, without any burrs, cracks, or splinter.

  35. Huso

    Excelent board will cook in the wood, thanks guys

  36. Fanny

    This cutting board is a very valuable product. Olive wood is so multicolored and pretty. The board has a juice groove and a hanging hole, which I find useful. The board is strong, perfectly flat, and I use it for cutting everything: bread, fruits, vegetables, meat, cheeses, or as a serving tray.

  37. Fanny

    This cutting board is a very valuable product. Olive wood is so multicolored and pretty. The board has a juice groove and a hanging hole, which I find useful. The board is strong, perfectly flat, and I use it for cutting everything: bread, fruits, vegetables, meat, cheeses, or as a serving tray. So satisfied and happy!

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