Almazan Kitchen® Knife Premium Wooden Box

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This is one of our latest additions: a beautiful gift box, customized to fit Almazan Kitchen® Knives.

Elegant and strong, it is made of chestnut wood, known for its hardness, durability, and unique rustic appeal. The box has metal hinges and a decorative latch.

The dimensions are: 34.5cm x 14.5cm x 3.5cm.


*This item doesn’t include the knife.


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ruler 13.6 x 5.7 x 1.4 inches

weight 12.5 oz





  1. Sole

    Excellent quality of the product, got the carbon cleaver also. This box is a storage of sorts for the cleaver. Very happy with both products. Pleasant seller and fast delivery. Well done!

  2. tina

    love this box its so pretty very useful and nice

  3. Brendon

    If you want to buy an Almazan Kitchen knife as a gift for someone, please get this beautiful storage box too. That’s how I got my present and I just love the way this box sits on my kitchen top with the knife in it. Premium quality, fast international delivery (from Europe to the US). Very satisfied with the purchase!

  4. Alex

    Lovely wooden box where you can keep your Almazan Kitchen knife between uses. Excellent service, kind seller team, fast delivery. Very good overall shopping experience!

  5. Olena

    Nicely made wooden box for Almazan Kitchen knives, regular size. This is the best storage for my Almazan Kitchen knife, it’s made to fit its dimensions perfectly. Fast shipping, helpful seller! Recommendation!

  6. Tom

    luxurious walnut wood box for regular-size Almazan Kitchen cleavers, perfectly made, smooth, nice metal details, fast shipped

  7. Art

    Beautiful box for a beautiful knife!

  8. Helen

    lovely box for the Serbian cleaver, well made and elegant, with a slot for the knife in the inside

  9. Sophie

    A very beautiful box for regular-size Almazan Kitchen knives. If you are looking to purchase one of these knives for a gift, make sure to get this box too, because they belong together as a set. Lovely products for sure!

  10. Emily

    Perfect addition to the original Almazan Kitchen carbon steel knife, for me this is an ultimate purchase. I got it for my brother and he was speechless when he unpacked the whole thing! Thanks for lovely products!

  11. Wanda

    Very precisely made, nice latch, nice, smooth finish, fast delivery. Very satisfied with the purchase. Recommend!

  12. Toby

    Very classy product, nice to pair up with Almazan Kitchen original carbon cleaver or regular-size stainless steel knife… in my opinion, a perfect present! Premium quality, lovely color wood, with a cut out hole inside to suit the knife… very nice!

  13. Alma

    This box and Almazan Kitchen cleaver were a wedding present for a dear friend. Needless to say, he was delighted! He can’t thank me enough!

  14. Norma

    The box has this antique look about it, it’s very pretty and I think to give it together with the knife makes the best present ever

  15. Olga

    Very nice item, arrived fairly fast, seller kind and helpful

  16. Toma

    Very pretty box, elegant, with nice metal details. Holds one Almazan Kitchen knife, as there is a made to measure slot inside. Very nice product, I am happy to keep my knife in it.

  17. Perdita

    I got this box and knife with sheath for my husband. He uses the sheath when he wants to hang the knife on the belt and work with it, and between uses, he keeps it in the box. The slot inside is a perfect fit. All high quality products! Well done Alex and Boki!

  18. andre

    veri nice product for my knife Almazan Kitchen
    have carbon steel knife this box fits good, like this product

  19. Antonia

    Nice box, made to measure for the Serbian Chef’s knife made by Almazan Kitchen, excellent idea and with the knife, it makes a wonderful gift. Well done!

  20. Fatima

    What a beautiful box, it exceeded my expectations! The finish is incredible and so are the metal details. Lovely latch! My Almazan Kitchen Serbian Chef’s cleaver fits right in!!! Great product!

  21. Dan

    This is an excellent addition to the web shop! I love how your goods are getting more versatile. Original Serbian Chef’s knife and this box make a truly exquisite present good for a king! Way to go, Almazan Kitchen!

  22. Sam

    Such beautifully crafted wooden box! Great present for someone who already has the knife! Fantastic!

  23. Donna

    Lovely box with the knife-shaped space inside… nice metal details, excellent wood sanded to perfection… very nice!

  24. Mariana

    I ordered this beautiful, deluxe box to make my present irresistible. Almazan knife comes in a nice cardboard gift box, but I wanted to add this wooden box to the present. It was a bull’s eye!!! Thanks guys!

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