Almazan Kitchen® Original Stainless Steel Knife XXL

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Check out our XXL Almazan Kitchen® Stainless Steel Knife.

Every bit as good as the regular one, but bigger and stronger!

It is versatile and not limited to the kitchen only.

This knife can be taken to nature and be used for different bushcraft activities, like cutting smaller branches for primitive, hand-made roast pits, or smaller dry wood for the fire.

Also, this knife can be used as a butcher’s knife to cut smaller bones.


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  • Original Almazan Kitchen® shape
  • XXL Size (Biggest knife in the collection!)
  • Made in Serbia
  • Premium Quality Stainless Steel Blade
  • Multi-purpose bushcraft, butchering, and cooking tool
  • Dispatching in 1-3 business days.
  • Delivery worldwide* from 5 business days**.
  • **For international deliveries, the transport time depends on the destination country and shipping method. More info in the Terms and Conditions of Purchase section. 

14.6 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches

29.99 oz





  1. Tonia

    A beautiful big boi 🙂
    Stole my heart from the first grip! Easy to handle, very precise and sharp. I decided to use it in kitchen only, mainly when I cut large chunks of meat with a bit of bones on them. Love the product so much…

  2. Obrad

    veri big knife, but so good, am satisfied beyond expectation with this knife

  3. Ingmar

    Took me a long time to choose the right cleaver… the internet is full of all kinds of robust knives, but I opted for Almazan Kitchen XXL cleaver in the end. As I love stainless steel, that was the deal breaker for me. Excellent knife, as advertised. Seller is very helpful and DHL shipping fast and furious 🙂

  4. Roberto

    This knife is a brute!!! It’s fantastic, just like described, if not better! I already have the carbon Serbian Chef’s cleaver, and was trying to make my mind up whether to get the regular stainless steel one or this one. It was the last minute call 🙂 and I decided to get the XXL version. Simply great is all I can tell!!!

  5. Walter

    Love this XXL piece of sharp cutlery, I expected a bit smaller knife, but this one is so well balanced that you don’t really feel the size, it’s comfy and easy to handle. Great piece!!

  6. Doris

    Very good knife, a bit large, but it’s called XXL so fair enough. Still, it sits in hand well, despite of the large blade. Pretty good job.

  7. Sandinista

    Very sharp and solid, holds the edge well, easy care or rather, no care at all. A great XXL knife!

  8. Ulli

    Shipped fast, arrived in excellent condition, very good product, recommend

  9. Tom

    Big and magnificent! What a knife! Very sharp and comfortable, excellent grip and precision!!!

  10. Monica

    Decided to indulge myself and husband with this blade, a gift for both of us, enthusiast cooks 🙂 We are ecstatic! This made cooking so pleasurable. It’s a great knife that cuts through everything with ease and precision. There is virtually no maintenance. Excellent purchase!

  11. Ivan

    This is such a sharp blade, be careful with it! Otherwise, the XXL Almazan Kitchen chef’s knife is easy to use, comfortable in hand and excellent go-to knife that I use daily!

  12. Taurus

    This is my new kitchen favorite! I don’t let anyone near this knife 🙂
    I’ve never had a knife I loved more.

  13. Brenda

    I own the original Almazan Kitchen knife in regular size, but wanted to give this one a shot. It’s an excellent, bigger, heavier cleaver… very good product.

  14. Jim

    The best knife ever! So imposing! Has replaced all others…

  15. Cory

    I’ve been searching for the best chef’s knife for a long time, and I think I have found it! This one feels natural and comfortable in my hand! very easy to uuse

  16. Artan

    I love this sturdy, big, flamboyant knife! I feel like a pro with this in my hand!

  17. Giuseppe

    XXL size, fantastic, strong, reliable tool, I am very happy with it

  18. Foxy

    This is an ideal knife for cooking and BBQ enthusiasts! I love it, it’s easily used although it’s XXL size, even my wife uses it with ease although she is tiny. Great knife!

  19. Roko

    good big knife, cut well, hold in hand well, me like it a lot

  20. King

    This beautiful XXL stainless steel knife is a star in my cutlery collection. It’s sharp, tough, durable, holds edge very well. Recommendation!

  21. Pataki

    Guys Almazan Kitchens excellent product this big knife, extraordiner

  22. Tarik

    Made from high-quality stainless steel, this knife has excellent strength and edge retention, as well as corrosion resistance for lasting durability… glad I made this choice. The size is OK, easy to handle. Fantastic job, guys!

  23. Bond

    Outstanding versatility, can process veggies, slice meat and fish, tenderize meat with the flat part of the blade. I see it will obsolete some of my knives that were used regularly so far. To top it off, it’s zero care, the stainless steel is of very good quality. Excellent purchase and fair price!

  24. Gerard

    This is the XXL version of Almazan Kitchen knife. I love the size and weight. Very sharp, small movements go a long way… fantastically designed cleaver!!!

  25. Isaak

    With this knife, it’s chopping big time, and I mean XXL big! Wonderful large blade, yet easy to use and very comfortable. Here the weight of the knife will do the job for you, no need to press hard, cutting has never been easier. Well done forest people!!!

  26. Bob

    Fantastic XXL cleaver, good balance, good grip. Stainless steel is superb, no markings on it, no care – just wash and dry. Versatile just like their regular knife and can be used for all kinds of meat, fruits, veggies, everything. Fantastic tool, so glad they ventured into a new size! Bravo!

  27. Vern

    Another great surprise from Almazan Kitchen team: a plus size knife, or XXL cleaver! Made of stainless steel, it comes in a recognizable shape but bigger, this magnificent knife has sleek, polished finish. Full tang gives it this incredible balance! I am delighted with its performance and looks. Fair price too!

  28. Tony

    I love the size of this knife! So well made, well balanced! Nice belly of a blade, can work as a large scoop too! Handle is comfortable, no hand cramps wile holding it. Great job guys, my hat off to you!

  29. Tarantula

    What a lovely surprise from Almazan Kitchen! XXL surprise 🙂 What a great addition to their line of products! I bought it immediately, as soon as I saw it in the web shop, just had to have it. Amazing cleaver, sharp blade, can chop, cut, mince any kind of food! Comfortable in hand! Shipped fairly quickly to the US. I am very satisfied! Get this chopper, you will not regret it! Plus no maintenance! Heaven!

  30. Pedro

    An amazing chopper/cleaver. Had no idea Almazan Kitchen sold this size! It’s a heavy duty chef knife with stainless steel blade, meaning virtually no care needed. Just wash and dry. Comfortable and secure grip, looking grand! Was a bit worried because of the size as I’m a small guy, but no fret, the knife is so easy to use and well balanced. Great job Almazan Team!

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