Almazan Kitchen® Original Stainless Steel Knife

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We have taken everything you like in our signature carbon knife and gave it a new twist! Our stainless steel knife is a slick tool with excellent general characteristics and performance and it comes at a very reasonable price. It is a universal tool, designed for either traditional or outdoor cooking.

This elegant, multi-purpose utensil makes an ideal kitchen companion.

It sits comfortably in hand and can be used for chopping, slicing, and dicing of all sorts of food, meat included.

Its high hardness will hold an edge well and the blade will remain spotless thanks to high corrosion resistance.


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  • Multi-purpose knife
  • Traditional and bushcraft cooking
  • The original Almazan Kitchen® shape
  • Premium-quality stainless steel
  • Full tang blade with rivets
  • Made in Serbia

 11.8 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches

16.23 oz


  • Dispatching in 1-3 business days.
  • Delivery worldwide* from 5 business days**.
  • **For international deliveries, the transport time depends on the destination country and shipping method. More info in the Terms and Conditions of Purchase section. 


stainless steel nature


Premium-quality, stainless steel blade for both traditional and outdoor cooking

This multi-purpose knife is designed to sit comfortably in hand. It moves with precision, allowing you to slice, dice and crush any ingredient, including meat and vegetables, effortlessly.

The blade itself is highly resistant to corrosion, so you can expect the edges to hold well and your knife to remain spotless long-term.

Made in Serbia




  1. Thomas

    Very neatly done, a superb product for sure

  2. Mario

    Advertised as the twin of Almazan Kitchen’s original carbon steel cleaver, it’s just as sharp and precise. I am very fond of this knife, an excellent product!

  3. Sal

    Serbian Chef’s knife, stainless steel version 🙂 I already have the carbon steel one, and I am very satisfied with it. This one is so practical, no maintenance whatsoever, very sharp and precise. Good balance.

  4. Tom

    Look no further if you are a fan of stainless steel knives, this one is excellent! Kind seller, quick dispatch.

  5. Esther

    Reliable, solid knife, premium quality, fast delivery

  6. Tam

    Good preti knife use in kitchen all time no never rust

  7. Tom

    This really is a stainless steel twin of the Almazan Kitchen original carbon steel knife. It’s totally same, except for different steel used for the blade. This is my third Almazan Kitchen knife. One carbon steel is in the garden, the other one in the backpack (got them in their bundle with two knives), and this stainless steel guy is going straight to my kitchen. I am looking forward to working with it and getting more premium stuff from this website.

  8. Sal

    very pretty knife, easy on the eye and easy to maintain, perfect

  9. Stanley

    I cook a lot at home and used to have a handful of all kinds of knives, chef’s knife, paring knife, steak knife, but since I got this cleaver I somehow don’t use the other knives as much. This one sort of replaced them all. Once you get comfortable with the size of the blade, there’s nothing you can’t do with this knife. Slicing, dicing, cutting, chopping… Great product!

  10. Oldman

    Very fine cutter, superb make, delivered in a week from Europe to the US, looking just like in the photos! Very, very satisfied!

  11. Donald

    Practical, no maintenance, cuts very well, sharp, balanced, nice looking, easy to handle. Great item!

  12. Violet

    My one and only knife in the kitchen for quite some time now. Does not stain, cuts like crazy, very comfortable in hand, wide blade acts like a scoop… so happy with it! I am thinking of getting the carbon steel twin as a birthday treat :)!

  13. Val

    Beautiful cleaver, sharp, strong, arrived quickly! Recommend!

  14. Jane

    Great looking knife, very sharp, good balance, good grip, fast intercontinental delivery from Europe.

  15. Brad

    Same shape as their original knife, just different kind of steel. This is stainless steel. Good performance, no maintenance! Excellent knife!

  16. Tom

    This is an excellent product, just as advertised, sharp, looking nice and neat! Love it! Fast delivery, kind seller!

  17. Sal

    Stainless steel cleaver – it’s perfect if you love stainless steel. For me, the no-care sells it. Excellent knife! Very sharp and precise. Thumbs up!

  18. Dan

    Very successful, stainless steel version of the original Almazan Kitchen knife… I have both knives and use them equally. The original one a bit more in the garden, around the grill, the stainless steel one in the kitchen, although both can be used for indoor and outdoor cooking. Great product!

  19. Dona

    Good cutter, no maintenance, balanced, sharp as advertised, good looking… I recommend it easily!

  20. Dana

    A very nice item, quick shipment, very happy with the overall experience.

  21. Anne Marie

    I am devoted to stainless steel knives and I love this one! It has perfect balance, cuts like crazy, in my opinion, this is maybe the best cleaver in my kitchen! I ordered a sheath with it, it’s also beautifully made. No mistake, this is a product of premium quality! The delivery was fast and the seller very helpful!

  22. Osman

    Beautiful stainless steel cleaver, does the job perfectly and exceeds all expectations. Very neat, good quality steel and wood! Thumbs up!

  23. Danny boy

    Love my knife, it sits in my hand so well, I feel like a proper chef handling this knife 🙂
    Cuts through everything with ease, sharp as advertised!

  24. Sunny

    I already have the carbon steel cleaver by Almazan Kitchen, and now this one… fantastic products! They ship from Serbia and the delivery via DHL is very fast. I am beyond satisfied with this purchase. The knife is flawless. It’s sharp, neatly made, well balanced… a truly premium product. Congrats!

  25. Brenda

    This Almazan Kitchen order arrived very quickly, sooner than expected. 7 days in total is great for international shipping. The product is very fine, every details is in place. The handle is ergonomic, the knife has very good balance and it’s extremely sharp. Excellent buy! Recommend!

  26. Tony

    Nice piece of craftsmanship, very satisfied, fast delivery.
    The knife is sharp as advertised, looking really neat. Comfortable in hand.

  27. James

    Good quality steel, good design. I have just got myself the best kitchen helper ever!

  28. Dan

    I prefer stainless steel to carbon, so I never had dilemma which Almazan Kitchen knife to order. This one is perfect, I have no need to use any other knife from my kitchen!

  29. Brad

    Brutally handsome knife, easy to care, just wash by hand and leave to dry… the edge is durable. Good deal.

  30. Aidan

    Good product, fast delivery, kind seller! Excellent overall experience 🙂

  31. Ashton

    This is the stainless steel twin of the original Almazan Kitchen chef’s knife. For me, this one works perfect. No maintenance, very pretty and sharp!

  32. Jane

    Husband and I ordered 2 knives, he took the rugged one and I took this one… I am beyond happy

  33. Alma

    very nice and elegant knife, very sharp, a great kitchen helper

  34. Orson

    Love the stainless steel brother 🙂
    I was thinking between the two and finally decided to go for this one. The international shipping was very fast and the overall experience was more than satisfactory. Good product, very nice and helpful seller. Thanks Almazan Kitchen team for the kind assistance prior to purchasing!

  35. Clive

    Respect! Very good product, much better than hoped for! It does have the tendency to replace my other knives :), as advertised. Good effort, Almazan Kitchen dudes!!!

  36. Sam

    Quite a dandy of a knife 🙂
    Very elegant in appearance, slick and efficient! Very satisfied with my choice!

  37. Tom

    Nice addition to my cutlery! Well-balanced, right weight, very comfortable to use! Fast shipment too. Very happy with the purchase!

  38. Tabitha

    I am the proud owner of Almazan Kitchen carbon steel cleaver and wanted to add this stainless steel version to my collection. The differences are just slight – get any of these two knives and you won’t be sorry. They perform the same, the main difference is the looks – the carbon steel one is a bit rugged and this one is more elegant. Depends what you prefer. Excellent knives!

  39. George

    If a knife can be handsome, this one is for sure. It’s perfect. Fantastic finish!

  40. Dana

    So sharp, guys, mind your fingers! A great piece of cutlery, love it!

  41. Jordan

    Thank you for a nice product that shipped so ffast. It was a gift and the speed was of paramount importance. Great job!

  42. John

    Heard these guys had their own knife factory so I got in touch with them and asked a lot of questions as I like to know what I invest my money in. The seller was very helpful and I obtained so many information on their whole production line, not just the knife, so I ended buying several products. This particular knife is my wife’s favorite, she literally uses only that one in the kitchen and says that after this cleaver she could never go back to smaller knives! Well done, Almazan Kitchen team! Thank you!

  43. Fiona

    Such a great knife! Feels so natural in my hand… even though I have small hands, this knife is a good fit for me. This has really made cutting and slicing so much easier. Thank you for an excellent product!

  44. Juel

    kinda very sharp, not heavy, arived fast, like it

  45. James

    Well designed, sits well in hand, cuts easily not much pressure is needed, no maintenance, just hand wash and let dry, excellent purchase

  46. Forster

    I prefer stainless steel as it is so easy to use and the blade stays clean, very good product

  47. Tom

    Very nice knife. The same design as their original carbon steel knife, just different kind of steel. I have both knives, this one requires no maintenance, just don’t put it in the dishwasher. Well worth the money, shipped fast.

  48. Boyd

    This stainless steel beauty can be used in both home and restaurant kitchens. I have one in both. No care, well designed, exceptionally well made, sharp as advertised, slices, chops, cuts like crazy :). I am glad to recommend this excellent cleaver!

  49. Buddy

    Top product. Congrats guys!

  50. Dea

    My beautiful knife from Almazan Kitchen has just been delivered. It’s fantastic, razor sharp, sooo well made!

  51. Fadi

    Guys, so good this knife, I Love it so well!!!

  52. Vince

    Got my knife. Not a single issue. As advertised. Great knife, great sheath. Well packaged and professionally shipped. Arrived under 10 days to the US. I think that’s quite fast.

  53. Forte

    Got this knife a few weeks ago and it’s already my favourite knife. I only use paring knife and this one. So good and efficient. Slick, elegant, right weight.

  54. Uve

    I am a professionally trained chef, I’ve used so many different knives. In my opinion Almazan Kitchen knives rank very highly, I have this one and the carbon steel cleaver. Both are very good.

  55. Falstaf

    Solid and great, cuts through steaks in one go, handle comfortable to hold, all in all, a super addition to my cutlery.

  56. Teena

    Highly recommended. This is really a nice knife, a bit larger than I thought, but it’s so easy to handle. Love it.

  57. Beth

    Very sharp, stylish, great quality for the money!

  58. Tony

    I am absolutely satisfied with this knife! Probably the sharpest knife I have ever used! It’s stainless steel, to that means no maintenance at all, a good thing in this busy world.

  59. Tom

    Great Knife for a great price. Good looking with a nice feel to it. Impeccably done, everything is in place. 5 stars from me.

  60. Varna

    My husband surprised me with this knife and a large cutting board. I had to learn how to cut with it, but now I wouldn’t change it for another knife ever! I feel like a professional chef when I’m using it 😊

  61. Maya

    I love this stainless steel cleaver. I’m loving the weight of it and its efficiency. So far, I haven’t had a single negative thing to say about it. Love it.

  62. Dan

    Fantastic value for money! Strong and sturdy knife which is super sharp at that. I use mine in the kitchen, and it replaces most of other knives as it said in the ad.

  63. Osvaald

    This is my second Almazan Kitchen knife. They do a fantastic job. Check out their YouTube channel to see how they use this knife. It ships fairly quickly and in a rich package too. Very happy with it.

  64. Connie

    Love the way this knife chops veggies and meat. You need some experience in handling a knife this size, but I got used to it very quickly. Easy to use and easy care.

  65. Donald

    Love the way this knife chops veggies and meat. You need some experience in handling a knife this size, but I got used to it very quickly. Easy to use and easy care.

  66. Stephen

    The shipping was right on time. The packaging is excellent, the knife is so well protected with protective sponge in the inside of the box. Sharp, neatly done, the full tang is perfect for the overall balance of the knife. A good product.

  67. Dale

    Professionally looking knife! The handle is easy to grip and I love the overall design of the knife. Good job, Almazan Kitchen! Stainless steel is so easy to care for, excellent!

  68. Frida

    Amazingly sharp and well-balanced good quality chef knife. Holds its sharpness for a long time. Great handle. Great curve on the edge. Good balance and looks nice!

  69. Vernon

    I have a collection of knives and I thought I’ve seen it all, but this knife is really something. I use it in the kitchen only but since it could easily be used for gardening too, I’m thinking about getting another one for the tool shed… The steel is good quality, the edge holds and needs no maintenance at all! Glad I got it! Thanks guys!

  70. John

    Knife arrived today. Very fast fulfillment and shipping to the US. It is razor sharp out of the box. Can’t wait to put it to work. Very happy with the purchase.

  71. Andreas

    Kalmar, Sweden.
    I got your knife a couple of days ago and tonight on New Years Eve it was premiere with the knifeon the fillet. How good the knife was. I’m very impressed. It felt like cutting butter on a hot day on Öland or Croatia. 5 stars right away. I wish you a good continuation.. //Andreas

  72. Julie DuVal (verified owner)

    I have received and tested out my new Almazan Kitchen Original Stainless Steel Knife. I am very pleased with this amazing knife! First, the knife and sheath arrived here in Canada within one week of ordering, which is amazing during this pandemic! It comes very professionally packaged! The gorgeous sheath smells like new leather (very nice). The hands-free sheath design is perfect for trips to the forest! As for the knife, it is wonderful! I purchased the stainless steel model because I don’t want to fuss with oxidization prevention. The blade is super sharp, strong and clean! The design enables excellent control when cutting up hard vegetables, and does not get lost and stuck down inside a large cabbage or squash! I am able to mince veggies super fast with very little effort. I am able to peel away super thin strips of celery imperfections much more easily with this knife than with a paring knife. The blade stays away from my cutting hand which prevents my knuckles from scraping the cutting board. And I can scoop up piles of cut foods to dispense into a bowl or pan so conveniently with this knife. It can easily replace a dough scraper. The stability and control I have experienced with this knife has made this my new favorite kitchen tool! This knife design is actually easier to use, and gives me better control, than smaller, lighter knives. I feel proud to own this beautiful knife from the genuine originators!

  73. Йорданка

    Ножа и дъската са уникални! Препоръчвам ги на всеки, ножа реже безупречно!

  74. Ioan Mireuta (verified owner)

    Very very good knife recommend it

  75. Emily

    Hi guys! Finally I got my almazan knife! Looks awesome!! I bought it for my husband, I’ll give it for Christmas and I already know he will cry!!! Thank you guys! You’re doing an amazing job!! Lots of support and gratitude from Italy!!!

  76. bogdan (verified owner)

    Hi, I’ve been an Almazan fan from de beginning but I couldn’t afford a knife until now, when it was also on sale. Very pleased so far.

  77. Edmund

    I ordered the stainless steel one and the carbon steel one. The stainless looks shiny and beautiful and is very sharp right out of the box! I’m curious about the sharpening angle though, anybody has any suggestions on how to sharpen?

  78. Ioan Mireuta (verified owner)

    Gest received the knife from you is very nice cut anything like butter is worth all the money l recommend it, thank you almazan kitchen

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