Almazan Kitchen® Mineral Wood Care Oil

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Special Mineral Oil for impregnation and protection of your Almazan Kitchen® Wooden Products.

Treat a clean and dry Tableware with a thin layer of Almazan Kitchen® Premium food-grade Mineral Oil for the protection of wood and give your Wooden Items extra life.

*recommended for treatment and impregnation of your Almazan Kitchen® Cutting Board


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  1. Lora

    One of the best wood care oils I’ve ever had! My chopping boards are so well cared for and infused and they smell of lemons, no food smells at all! Excellent buy!

  2. Neena

    Very fine mineral oil. It’s for the care of wood, and I primarily bought it for my Almazan Kitchen chopping boards, but then realized it could also be used for polishing my dining room table too. Fantastic oil, nice subtle smell. Impregnates wood beautifully!

  3. Atina

    Great oil for the impregnation of wooden products! Excellent quality, nice smell, fast shipping! A very good experience overall!

  4. Jane

    fantastic product, love it

    one of my favorite purchases

  5. Esma

    Fantastic oil, more than one should be used. I also refresh my wooden bracelets with this oil, it’s so good and has a nice lemony smell. Great product, go for it.

  6. Don

    Excellent mineral oil with a lovely citrus smell. My wooden chopping boards smell so nicely since I’ve been using this oil, it neutralizes the smell of chopped stuff. Great job!

  7. Nat

    Good product, good value for money. Should be used on Almazan Kitchen chopping boards, they will last longer. Recommendation!

  8. Pat

    Premium quality oil for the care of wood products, it smells of lemons and now my chopping boards have a nice smell too! Can be used on all products made of wood. Excellent price!

  9. Kathy

    Make sure to get this oil when you order Almazan Kitchen chopping boards as it will keep your boards smelling nice and it will infuse the wood like no other oil, the lemony smell is discreet but definitely there!

  10. Linda

    Fantastic oil, I used it not only on my Almazan Kitchen boards, but also for some other wood products, it’s sooo good!

  11. Peter

    Very good product, kind and considerate seller, recommend!

  12. Falco

    This Almazan Kitchen wood care oil is so good, I use it on my chopping boards, but the other day I also treated a scratch on my dining table and it looks so much better now! Fantastic product!!

  13. Phil

    I apply this oil to my Almazan Kitchen cutting board and it really works. Mineral oil not only cares for the wood, it also has a nice smell and neutralizes the meat odors that may be on the chopping board. Great product.

  14. Jon

    I use this oil for the care of olive wood chopping board but also for the handle of my carbon steel knife. For any kind of wood really. It’s excellent!

  15. Han

    easy care for chopping board with tis oil, very good product useful

  16. Felicity

    I have both these oils, one for carbon steel and the other for wood products. They are excellent! The wood care oil smells lovely and kills bad odors, which is very useful for the maintenance of cutting boards. Great product!

  17. Odri

    This oil gives nice freshness to the wooden products, particularly cutting boards. Highly recommend!

  18. Boris

    Got a lovely set from my mother, the original Serbian Chef’s knife, large cutting board and mineral oils for the maintenance of the blade and the board. The oils work wonders. If you are ordering from this website, don’t forget to include the oils in the order. Very good product!

  19. Aiko

    Very good oil to put on the cutting board made of wood, kills the smell and keeps the board in good shape.

  20. Arno

    I recommend this oil for the wood chopping boards, it’s really good. The lemon in it takes the odors away. Good stuff!

  21. Nathaniel

    I have three Almazan Kitchen walnut wood chopping boards and I treat them with this oil. I also use this oil on the wooden handle of their original carbon steel knife. Good oil, nice smell.

  22. Tina

    Fantastic oil for wood! Lemony scent!

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