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5000 Cal Burger



1. Chop iceberg and handful of dill. Slice cheddar cheese (8 pieces). Make 8 patties from 1kg of beef mince. Grill patties for 3-7 min each side, when almost ready place slice of cheddar cheese on top and wait it to melt.
2. Mix 1cup of homemade big mac sauce with chopped dill. Slice bun in half, warm it up until golden brown inner parts. Spread big mac sauce onto the bottom bun.
3. Fry 16-21 (2-3 per patty) bacon slices until golden brown.
4. Build the burger: Bottom bun with sauce, handful of iceberg, patty with cheese, bacon strips repeat until you have no more patties left. Pour with sauce left after bacon and patty grilling, cover with top bun.
5. Use big mac sauce and prosciutto as toppings.
6. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

With this one you can feed the whole company for good! Eight juicy beef patties with load of Serbian prosciutto, bacon, cheddar cheese, handful of fresh iceberg and buns soaked in homemade big mac sauce! Once you go 5000 cal. burger you never go back. There’s more! Everything is cooked on fire using special clayware cooking plate which gives unique delicious texture to everything grilled on it!