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1. Fry a handful of Bacon until cooked, but don’t let it crisp.
2. Roll Bacon in roses and fill up the pan with it.
3. Crack Eggs in between the roses.
4. Salt & Pepper to taste, add chopped Spring Onion all over the top.
5. Set the oven to 250 F / 120 C. Cook for a few minutes.
6. When eggs are almost cooked, finish off with crushed chips and a handful of grated cheddar cheese.
7. Let it cook more until cheese melts.
8. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

You know we love to keep it simple: bacon roses and eggs, spring onions and cheese, unexpected chips twist…  This beloved, good quality, nutritious and hearty bacon, and eggs pan pie will satisfy your taste buds and keep you going until dinner. What’s a forest without a forest breakfast? Just a beautiful, mossy, peaceful green place full of mystery and bird song?… Enjoy!