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Bacon Rolled Double Meat Burger

Bushcraft Foodporn



1. Grind 1 tsp. of salt with 1 tsp. of black pepper in the mortar using pestle.
2. Chop handful of chervil (French parsley), grate medium shallot, slice chili pepper in rounds. Mix with step #1, beef mince and diced chicken breast.
3. Use bacon to make a flower-like round “edges” for pan. (use video for more visual instructions).
4. Fill the pan with double meat mix, spread it evenly.
5. Fold the bacon “edges”.
6. Fry everything for 10 min from each side on 482 F/250 C.
7. Cut ciabatta in half, warm it up on coals.
8. Build the burger: bottom ciabatta, double meat wrapped bacon patty, some chopped chervil and chili to taste, cover with top ciabatta.
9. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

We’re sorry we do not have publicly available digital scent and taste technology for our devices yet. You just HAVE to try it! Terrine styled burger, with 3 different types of meat! Mix of beef and chicken folded in handful of delicious bacon – does it look like a tasty flower? It definitely does! Original recipe was designed in 50:50 ratio for chicken and beef mix, yet Cutie Bean stole first breast right off Boki’s hands – it was really sweet.