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1. Put garlic cloves on a piece of wire; give the wire a spiral shape so you can turn it more easily, then put on hot coals and bake garlic cloves on both sides.
2. Squeeze the pulp from baked garlic cloves and mash with a pestle.
3. Take the butter and mash it together with the garlic pulp. Then add the multicolored aromatic spice blend of choice and put everything together evenly.
4. Take the premium steak you prepared and coat it generously with the Almazan Kitchen Red Meat Mix on all sides.
5. Fry the steak to your taste. Add some fresh thyme halfway through.
6. Once your steak is done, put a generous blob of the aromatic butter blend on it and enjoy your meal.

As you know, we take our steaks seriously – a bit on the rare side, but we are perfectly fine with the melt-in-the-mouth steaks or well-done ones. Whenever we are making a steak, first, we get free range, best quality meat, because a good cut is everything. We always strive to keep the steak tender and juicy and that’s exactly what we’ve done with this garlic steak.
We’ve enhanced its flavor with Almazan Kitchen Red Meat Mix and a freshly made garlic butter blend, infused with aromatic herbs of choice. It really doesn’t get juicier and tastier than this – a perfect bite awash in melted, fragrant butter.