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Best Bacon Rolls Sandwich

Bushcraft Foodporn



1. Roll chicken
livers into bacon. Skewer up.
2. Slice onion.
3. Preheat the
pan, grease it with oil. Fry rolled livers and onions until first golden-brown
4. Add 1tbsp. of
butter, 1tsp. of Almazan spice mix, balsamico to taste and snow. Slow-cook for
10-15 min.
5. Cut ciabatta
in half.
6. Build the
sandwich: bottom ciabatta, livers in bacon, handful of nori, chopped green
onions, top ciabatta half.
7. Enjoy! Bon

Winter is
almost over, let’s celebrate it with those funny liver snacks rolled in bacon…
You know what, we think just the snacks is not enough! Ciabatta, fried onion,
portion of savory special spice mix and some Japanese seaweed chips – Nori! Of
course, we also want to use snow while we still have it here and some balsamico
will finish the job. Yap… and now we celebrate incoming spring!