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Best Christmas Porchetta

You Shouldn't See This!



1. Chop handful of sage, rosemary stick and garlic cloves. Mix it with ½ tsp. of Ras el hanout and ½ tsp. of Himalayan salt.
2. Remove bones from pork ribs, cut the meat open like we did in the video.
3. Spread herb-spice mix evenly, add chili sauce and then roll the meat up. Fix with rope.
4. Skewer up on a stick.
5. Roast for 1.5-2h constantly rotating, watch for the inner parts to be white. Do not let fire lick the meat.
6. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

This recipe is something really different and unique.
Full of colors, flavors, sounds and real foodporn you never seen before! Crispy skin Porchetta infused with amazing mix of herbs and spices, roasted for hours on primitive fire pit – in the end you get the best Christmas dish for the most memorizing camping or hiking Christmas in your life!