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Best & Crispiest Fried Dumplings!

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1. Mix 2 hands of flour with ½ tsp. of salt and 150ml of water. Mix and knead well. Form a ball and leave to rest.
2. Chop red onion, handful of parsley. Mix it with oil, salt and pepper. Grind well in the mortar using pestle.
3. Mix 400g of beef mince with greens and veggies from step #2. Add some water beforehand. Now we have dumplings filling.
4. Cut dough into 8 parts. Attenuate and flatten out each part. Place tbsp. of filling in the middle. Fold and twist the edges like we did in the video.
5. Preheat deep-frying oil. (DISCLAIMER: HOT OIL IS DANGEROUS!!). Deep-fry khinkali until golden brown crust.
6. Enjoy! Feel free to use any sauces or toppings! Bon Almazan!

Today is a day for some Georgian (country, not US state) traditional dish – Khinkali! We brought this one to you in a fried variation. There’re rumors that Khinkali is very hard to make dumplings, we will prove it wrong! It’s unbelievably delicious especially in the fried form! The main ingredient for those is your intent, in a traditional way Georgian elders knead the dough with love for days on the sunrise, high in the mountains before it can be used for those marvelous dumplings. Filling is very simple yet scrumptious: beef mince, salt, onions and parsley – everything you need for a wholesome dish!