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Best Delmonico Steak

Bushcraft Style



1. Grind salt and
garlic clove in the mortar using pestle.
2. Add handful of
baby spinach, grind more. Slice and add ½ of green bell pepper, grind. Same
repeat with green chili.
3. Add honey
chili sauce and olive oil. Grind and mix well until saucy consistency.
4. Salt and
pepper aged ribeye from both sides. Soak with olive oil.
5. Preheat the
multi toaster, grease it with oil.
6. Grill steak
for 2.5 min each side, repeat until doneness you want.
7. Serve steak
with sauce!
8. Enjoy! Bon

There’re many
steaks in the world, however everyone should remember that day back in 1837
when brothers Delmonico opened the first fine dining restaurant in the New York,
which led to world’s renowned culinary institution. You know what exact dish
led the restaurant to its recognition? Yep, that was the Delmonico steak! What
is Delmonico steak? Let’s skip the boring history lecture and cut it short:
currently in our modern times Delmonico steak is any thick cut of the beef,
however the best one is the rib-eye part! Today, in our jungles, we will cook
40 days aged ribeye cut in the special multi toaster! The sauce for that steak
is something very special with the main ingredient of honey-soaked chili sauce!
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