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Best Pasta in Cheese Wheel




1. Mix 2 full hands of buckwheat flour with salt to taste and 1.5 hands of water. Add olive oil, mix and knead well. Form a ball, leave to rest for a while.
2. Dice pancetta andmake a space inside the cheese. (for more visual instructions check the video below)
3. Flatten out and attenuate the dough, fold it like we did in the video. Slice into noodles.
4. Cook noodles for 4-5 min in boiled water. Salt to taste.
5. Ignite the brandy (BE CAREFUL!! IT’S DANGEROUS!), transfer it to the cheese.
6. Place fresh cooked noodles, diced pancetta and handful of fresh parsley inside the cheese. Mix it.
7. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

Let us introduce you weird and uncommon recipe yet unbelievably delicious. Self-melting whole cheese round stuffed with handmade macaroni and piquant pancetta, cool, right?! Why is it “self-melting”? How cheese can melt it itself? It’s not a magic my dear friend, it’s a culinary trick – ignite quality brandy (that way it will burn for long) and just pour it inside the cheese wheel. Though you must be careful with this recipe, fire is a very volatile and chaotic force of nature – never forget about being careful, especially in the forest.