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1. Season the steak with Almazan Kitchen Red Meat Mix.
2. Finely slice the chilies and grate the cheese. Optionally, you can add some finely chopped parsley to the chilies.
3. Pour oil into the skillet and heat it over fire. When the oil is hot, crust the steak on all sides and slice it.
4. Cut the Phyllo dough into strips about 10 cm wide and put together two strips for rolling into a bite.
5. Fill the bites like this: a pinch of grated cheese, a slice of steak, a small blob of cream cheese and a pinch of chilies. Fold one corner of the dough strip over the filling to create a triangle; continue folding back and forth to the end of the strip, creating a triangle-shaped phyllo packet. Brush the seams with egg white to make them stick.
6. Once you’ve used up all Phyllo strips, fry the bites seam side down in hot oil (340F/170C) for some 10-12 minutes, or until golden, turning them over halfway through.