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Fried Onion Burgers!

Foodporn Warning



1. Unpeel huge onion, divide it into onion rings.
2. Stuff onion ring in half with beef mince, add salt & pepper, add 1 slice of tomato cheese and 1 slice of pesto cheese. Cover with another layer of mince.
3. Whisk 2 eggs, preheat deep-frying oil. (WARNING!! HOT OIL IS DANGEROUS!!)
4. Coat stuffed onion ring in flour, dip it into whisked eggs then cover with breadcrumbs.
5. Deep-fry until golden brown crustand few minutes more on top.
6. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

On these cold winter days everyone wants some colors, flavors and tastes in life – so why not to cook interesting yummy deep-fried crunchy onions stuffed with 30 days aged mince and 2 kinds of veg. cheese? Sounds great, right? Fun, colorful, unique and the most important – delicious! Meat was so good that we had to clash with Kitty Crew for it. Do you remember that one bold grey kitten? In the end he won good chunk of mince for the team.