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1. Grill butt end ham for 10 minutes each side on high heat (660 F / 350 C).
2. Slice Brie cheese and “traffic light” cheese (to taste).
3. Attenuate the caul fat, lay out cheese in the middle of caul fat, add few kajmak cheese drops and pour with chili sauce (all measurements accordingly to your taste).
4. Place grilled butt end above. Add more Bree and “traffic light” cheese above. Wrap the caul fat around.
5. Grill for 15 min each side on low-medium heat (300 F / 150 C).
6. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

You begin to appreciate nature when it’s quarantine and home self-isolation time, don’t we all? All of you really did like that caul fat from one of our recent videos, and we decided to show you a new recipe using it! The caul fat is so good to make stuffed meat! Like really good, like read “oh my god that’s delicious, sir”. Grill the meat, add cheese everywhere (because everyone likes cheese, right?), add any hot sauce and wrap everything in caul fat then grill it again! Double grilling, double smoky flavor! Be a hero, #stayhome and watch Almazan Kitchen videos!