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1. Finely slice green cabbage and spring onions, and julienne the carrot. Mix in a bowl.
2. Add two eggs and salt and pepper to taste. Mix well.
3. Spread mayonnaise on the toasts on both sides.
4. Heat the teppanyaki grill plate and grease it with a generous blob of butter.
5. Put the toasts on the grill plate and crust both sides. When done, put aside.
6. Put the ham slices on the grill plate and fry briefly on both sides. When done, put aside.
7. Add some more butter to the plate and fry the shredded vegetable mix. 8. Form the mix into a rectangle that’s about twice as long as it is wide. Divide the rectangle into three even parts and fry on both sides.
9. Then build the toast sandwich: take one toast coated with mayo, put some grilled ham on it, then a piece of fried veggie mix sprinkled with a bit of sugar, then put the cheese slices sprinkled with ketchup on top of that. Cover with another mayo covered toast and your Korean toast sandwich is ready. Repeat twice more with the remaining ingredients.

An incredible Korean street food recipe, prepared in a Serbian forest. As we all know, South Korea has amazing food culture, but their street food, particularly their toast variations, are simply the best. Korean toast is one of the most frequently consumed street foods. It can be a snack or a proper meal, and the ingredients are subject to chef’s imagination. Korean toast is a mixture of local and western flavors, and each version turns into a different eruption of tastes.This food is very filling and satisfying and has an endless comfort potential! It’s also easy to make and the ingredients work so well together. We have chosen for you the most traditional combination, but you are welcome to experiment with components, and, why not, come up with a recipe of your own.