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Hellfire Shrimps!

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1. Mix 1tsp. salt with 3tbsp. oil, chopped shallot and 2-3 garlic cloves. 2. Coat handful of shrimps in that marinade.
3. Skewer shrimps up on a stick. Grill shrimps for 5-7 min, do not forget to flip.
4. Slice mango into small and thin strips. Preheat the pan, and fry mango with marinade until slight golden-brown color, add 1 cup of homemade tomato paste, mix and slow cook until rich saucy consistency.
5. Serve everything together, finish off with chopped young onions. Do not hesitate to use chili and more.

You know what is great for winter days? Grilled shrimps with simple yet amazing marinade made of oil, garlic and shallot! There’s more – fruity sauce with mango and tomato mixed with known garlic-shallot marinade, and finally we have interesting and delicious dish full of flavor! Kitty Crew patiently waits for shrimps be served, but one sneaky, bold and the most active kitty gets first bite – well-deserved victory!