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How to Make 60 Days Aged Kobe on a Hot Stone




1. Cut beef fillet into thin slices.
2. Chop green onion, mix with orange juice, olive oil and salt to taste. Marinate beef slices in this marinade overnight (if you have no time then do it for minimum 30-40 min.).
3. Mix hoisin sauce with yellow chili pepper and lime juice.
4. Preheat hot stone (you already know it, but please be careful with hot stuff).
5. Grill meat for 1-2 min each side.

Have you heard about Yakiniku?

Direct translation from Japanese is “grilled meat”, yet at modern times it’s a way of serving food in Japanese restaurants. Thin slices of the fresh raw meat served to be grilled by the guests at the table on the small charcoal grill or a hot stone! Let’s finish here with the definition of the word and get to the tasty part! Before all the restaurants people ate outdoors, and it’s the most natural way to do so! We, Almazan Kitchen, can say with certainty that we’re one of the ambassadors of that natural way, so we would like to present you aged and marinated beef fillet grilled on a hot stone with spicy sauce!