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1. Make a soft dough, knead for 5 minutes straight. Coat with a bit of oil, cover and leave for 30 min.
2. For the filling, finely slice the onions and chop the chili. Add some lime juice and diced cucumber and carrot. Add a bit of ketchup, salt and chaat masala to your taste.
3. Divide the dough into 130gr portions approximately. Form balls by tucking in the dough. Roll into 12cm diameter discs. Apply a few drops of oil, sprinkle with some flour. Cut and roll like we did, then press the dough to get layers.
4. Beat the eggs with a bit of salt and have them ready.
5. Roll the dough into 22 cm diameter discs.
6. Heat a tablespoon of oil in a pan and fry the dough, rotating continuously and turning sides until crispy.
7. Once the dough is done, spread egg on one side and cook a bit more.
8. Add a bit of salt, a squeeze of lemon juice and a bit of ketchup, then fill the dough with the prepared veggie filling and make rolls.
9. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

Kolkata Egg Roll is one of the most popular Indian street foods. This tasty flat bread is covered with egg on one side, then filled and rolled with chopped veggies. A bit of chaat masala will spike the flavor, and so will a tiny speck of ketchup. Kolkata Egg Roll, just as its name suggests, is a roll-wrap and must be eaten fresh, the hotter the better. It’s not just tasty, it’s very filling and nutritious. Excellent meal choice for any time of the day. Enjoy!