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1. Put yeast and sugar in a bowl and add flour. Mix. Then add some salt. Mix some more and your batter is done.
2. Finely dice potatoes and rinse them in water, then drain and mix with some panko.
3. Put hot dogs on skewers and dip them in batter, then in the mixture of diced potatoes and panko. Fry in hot oil until golden.
4. Add the toppings (ketchup & mustard)
5. Sprinkle with white sugar

Today’s forest kitchen menu – Famous Korean French Fries Hot Dog! This is every fast-food lover’s idea of heaven: crunchy deep-fried batter, with bits of crispy French fries and delicious sausage inside. Ketchup & Mustard are a perfect match for this recipe, with just a sprinkle of sugar on top for even more flavor!