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1. Mince the beef or chop it very finely.
2. Chop the chives and mix with olive oil and salt (aromatic petals optional).
3. Mix an egg with minced beef and add salt and pepper to taste. Make the patty and form little
4. Fry the burgers in a pan, then build skewers.
5. Finish them on the grill, sprinkled with olive oil and chives mixture.

Minced beef serves as a basis of a plethora of meat dishes. Today we are preparing ultimate micro Burger Skewers, using free range beef. Our Burger Skewers are soft, moist, and tasty. They’re easy to make and you can control just how small you want them. Squeezed between baguette bites and flavoured with aromatic olive oil and chive dressing, they need to be finished on a grill for a couple of minutes to let their true color shine. This simple and delicious party food is best friends with any home brew.
Enjoy and Bon Almazan!