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1. Grind a handful of corn salad, baby spinach, and lavender, add salt, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar midway. Grind it until mushy consistency, just before the end – add 2 tbsp. of Greek yogurt.
2. Slice cheddar cheese, pesto cheese, and lavender cheese into strips.
3. Soak rice paper in water.
4. Remove rice paper from the water and add the filling in the center: prosciutto bits, one of each cheese. Wrap and roll it up.
5. Make a few more repeating previous steps.
6. Preheat deep-frying oil to 290 F / 145 C. (BE CAREFUL WITH HOT OIL!)
7. Deep-fry for 5 min.
8. Consume with the sauce from step #1.
9. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

Yes, and yes! It’s the Gỏi cuốn (Cold Roll)! Of course, not everyone knows this dish’s original name, let’s call it just Vietnamese Spring Rolls! And before you start the raid in the comment section about it’s being fried and not served cold and ingredients not being purely Vietnamese… We, here at Almazan Kitchen, like to mix up ingredients and techniques to make any dish multi-cultural! Connect through the food! Feel free to repeat the recipe and change something accordingly to your taste! Food is an art, do not forget about it!