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1. Cut mutton into medium size pieces.
2. Coarsely chop red onion and garlic and put them into a mortar. Crush with pestle.
3. Add salt to taste, gram masala and curcuma, and crush/mix some more.
4. Add yoghurt into the mortar and continue mixing into a paste.
5. When the paste is ready, coat the meat with it and let it marinade for a while (several hours in a fridge, preferably).

Mutton Kosha is a Bengali-style slow-cooked spicy and delicious mutton curry dish, one of the most popular mutton dishes in the world. Mutton Kosha is full of flavors from mutton meat (goat meat), spices and veggies. This is one of the dishes where you need to be patient and let the meat simmer in the most delicious rich, brown gravy until it reaches melt-in-the-mouth softness. There are many different ways to make this tempting recipe, but we like this one. Mutton Kosha is excellent with plain white rice, perhaps even better with roti, but no harm will be done if you dig into it with slices of some freshly baked home-made loaf. Savor the flavor and enjoy your delicious Mutton Kosha curry.