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Salt Pile Beef in Blood Orange Sauce



1. Unpeel and slice 3 oranges. Mix with 1 heaped tsp. of cinnamon powder and one star anise.
2. Preheat the pan to 572 F/300 C, stir and fry oranges with spices for 10 min.
3. Toss 2 heaped tbsp. of butter into the pan. Lower the heat to 302 F/150 C and fry for 10 more minutes.
4. Meanwhile, grease beef cut with olive oil from all sides, pepper to taste.
5. Mix 3 kg of salt with water. Bury beef cut inside the salt pile.
6. Roast for 20 min at 752 F/400 C.
7. Serve meat under the blood orange sauce.
8. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

Remember our favorite way of preparing the food? Yes, that’s correct, today is the day for another salt chunk episode! Beef cut with fats is exactly what you need, we can stop here, but orange blood sauce is something very extravagant to add to our main dish!