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1. Slice 2 Chilies, and a handful of Fresh Thyme.
2. Melt 200g of Butter, add everything from the previous step, and fry for around 3 minutes on low heat.
3. Cut open Beef Tenderloin, coat with mustard, add cheese rounds, and cover with prosciutto all over it.
4. Roll it up tightly.
5. Secure with wooden skewers. Slice into equal rolls.
6. Grill for 3 min each side.
7. Coat with aromatic butter from step #2.
8. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

Serve this steak rolls recipe for the holidays, for birthday parties, or to feed your buddies during outdoor adventures. Steak rolls are such great bites for any gathering! There are so many versions of steak rolls! We decided to roll up some first-class meat, mustard, cheese, and prosciutto and cut that into delicious steak rolls! These easy miniature bites are people-pleasers for sure and popular without fail!