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Stuffed Burger Made in Hot Stone Sandwich



1. Prepare the ingredients: slice & dice cheddar cheese and bacon, slice tomato, cabbage, chop onion.
2. Take 250g of mince and divide it in half. Attenuate each half.
3. Place cheddar & bacon on one half, cover with another, fold the edges.
4. Preheat hot stones and be careful with those.
5. Grill burger patty between two stones for 10-15 min.
6. Build the burger: cabbage on the bottom bun, add a tomato & white
onions layer, place burger patty on all of that, some green onions from above and cover with top bun.

Serbian primitive way for a juicy burger in somun bread! Have you ever tried a burger with patty grilled between two hot stones? We bet not! This way of grilling the meat gives it incredible flavor! We also stuffed the patty with good amount of real organic bacon and awesome cheddar cheese! Protein bomb it is! Fresh it up with tomato, cabbage, and silver onion – balanced and tastiest burger is ready!