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The Heart Attack Burger

Don't Watch!



1. Mix 2 hands of flour with 1Ôüä2 tsp. of cuttlefish ink, salt to taste and 1 hand of water. Mix and knead well. Form a bun.
2. Chop the iceberg salad, cut in half 3 cheese rounds.
3. Coat dough in olive oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds from the top. Bake bun for * min.
4. Grill 6 aged beef patties for 2.5 min each side, repeat until doneness you want. When almost ready put cheese on each patty, let it melt.
5. Cut bun in half and build the burger: bottom part of the bun, patty with cheese, iceberg salad, repeat layers, cover with top bun. Hint: Use toothpick to hold everything in place like a tower.
6. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

This video is not for the faint of heart… or better say stomach. This burger can feed up a whole family for a full whole day. We strongly do not recommend to watch this video if youÔÇÖre on some kind of a diet, if you do ÔÇôthe temptation will be so hard not to repeat this recipe, that you can forget about your diet at all. A black cheeseburger tower, full of calories, good fats and proteins. YUMMY!