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Ultimate Cheese Crust Burrito!

Bushcraft Style



1. Mix 2 hands of flour with 1 hand of water. Knead well, form a ball and leave to rest. Attenuate and flatten out the dough. Bake tortilla on coals.
2. Prepare toppings: fry 200g of salt and peppered beef mince with onion until brown, chop spring onions, grate pistachio cheese, scoop out avocado meat.
3. Put pistachio cheese in the middle of the tortilla, add beef with onion, chopped spring onion, avocado meat, lemon juice and ½ cup of homemade tomato paste. Wrap up.
4. Melt 2 hands of pistachio cheese, cover burrito in it. (check out video for more visual instructions)
5. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

This dish can’t be described with a single adjective, because it’s astonishing, stunning, breathtaking, mouth-watering, delicious, delightful, lovely, pleasurable and of course tasty! Almazan Kitchen spring burrito with an awesome cheese crust, mmm….. Soft as avocado, juicy as homemade tomato paste, sour as lemon drops and nourishing as tortilla on coals!