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1. Split open beef bone.
2. Salt & Pepper Bones to taste, roast Bone and Garlic for 10 minutes on 660 F / 350 C.
3. Take out Garlic after 2-3 minutes.
4. Scoop out Bone Marrow, mix with Garlic, add 3 tsp of Butter, 1 tsp. of Almazan Kitchen® Potato and Vegetables Spice Mix and chopped Chives. Mix and blend everything together until pate consistency.
5. Glaze Bread Slices with melted Butter.
6. Spread the Bone Marrow Pate onto Bread Slice.
7. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

If you run out of meat and are left with a large beef bone only, don’t despair. You can make the most delicious Viking’s Breakfast meal with it, one to remember. Split the bone lengthwise with the help of our new hand-forged tool, Almazan Kitchen® Axe, and grill it. Mix the cooked bone marrow with herbs, spices, butter, and garlic… to get an aromatic and flavorsome spread. If you have homemade bread, you have got yourself a feast! This delicacy is so easy to prepare and so difficult to forget!