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  • 300g free-range beef mince
  • 1 hand of flour
  • ½ hand of water
  • green onions
  • green chili
  • banana chili
  • chili from hell
  • Asian chili
  • green fairy chili
  • 1 cup beans (soaked)
  • 100g cheddar cheese
  • handful of fresh mint
  • 1 lime
  • salt, oil

Hi and welcome to AlmazanKitchen!

Are you ready for some extreme hot chili nachos? It’s time to make one! Tortillas from the homemade dough, extra hot filling with 5 different chilies, meat and beans, and of course how nachos can be nachos without a cheese? Marvelous! Give it a try by following the recipe we share with you below!



  1. Mix 1 hand of flour along with some water and 1 tsp. of salt.
  2. Knead well and form a ball.
  3. Divide the ball into 2 parts.
  4. Attenuate and flatten out each dough balls.
  5. Slice each dough rounds into 8 parts, just like pizza for the big company.
  6. Preheat the pan, make a good oil layer to dip fry the tortillas.
  7. Dip-fry tortillas until crispy crunchy golden brown crust.


  1. Preheat the pan, grease with oil.
  2. Toss 300g of free-range beef mince into the pan. Stir well!
  3. Slice all chilies and green onion (green chili, banana chili, chili from hell, Asian chili and green fairy chili), toss all into the pan. Mix with beef and stir well. Let it cook for a while.
  4. Add 1 cup of soaked beans, stir well and cook until ready.


  1. Place the tortillas on the cutting board or plate making a round from it.
  2. Put the filling above and in the middle of the tortillas round.
  3. Grate 100g of cheddar cheese, mix it with filling.
  4. Finish off with handful of chopped fresh mint and some lime juice.
  5. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

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  1. Wai Freifeld

    I can’t wait to read this masterpiece. Ordering off the menu at fast food restaurants and old dangerous playground equipment have to be in the book!

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