Almazan Kitchen® Leather Apron

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Almazan Kitchen® Leather Apron is made of natural leather.

It is designed to give you safety while cooking, shielding you from thermal shocks and splashing with hot liquids and hot oil.

It has a specially designed pocket for the Almazan Kitchen® Knife, made to measure and following its signatory shape. This pocket will prove useful while preparing food because you can tuck the knife in between uses and have it handy at all times.

This solid apron will be convenient on different occasions – when you do your daily cooking in the kitchen, when you throw BBQ parties, but it will be ideal for going outdoors and cooking over an open fire.

Apart from its protective function, this resistance piece of a chef’s outfit looks cool, with its leather strap neck loop, leather waist strings, and the Almazan Kitchen® Knife pocket in the front.


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  1. Kelly

    If you are looking for a good grill apron, look no further. I wish I had someone to recommend this product to me before I spent money on two wrong ones. This is just excellent, heavy-duty but not uncomfortable, the leather is genuine and very good quality, the stitches are neat, I just love this apron so much!

  2. Sven

    I was thinking a lot whether to get this apron or not, but now that I have it, I can recommend it to everybody. I ordered XL and it’s more than enough leather for a big guy like me, which was not the case with some other aprons I had. Very good product, very neatly sewn, with a convenient knife pocket – for Almazan Kitchen knives of course 🙂 I have their carbon steel cleaver and it fits right in!

  3. Sam

    The stock photo doesn’t do this apron good, it’s much nicer in reality! The leather is genuine and of excellent quality. The knife pocket is useful and in the right place. Very happy with this great buy!

  4. Gary

    Premium natural leather, high quality, superb craftsmanship. Much beyond my expectations. Well done!

  5. Saul

    Very good product, helpful seller, fast international delivery (from Europe to the US), thumbs up big time for Almazan Kitchen and this item!

  6. Gemma

    Fantastic apron, the genuine leather is thick enough to protect from heat and hot liquids, but it doesn’t feel heavy or rigid – it’s comfortable and nice. The sewing is perfect, the color lovely brown. So happy with this product!

  7. Donna

    Very good quality, fast shipping, helpful seller, recommend highly!

  8. Angie

    Convenient unisex product, my husband and I fight over it daily 🙂
    Premium quality, superb natural leather, neat stitching, just perfect! Kind seller and fast shipping.

  9. Susie

    Lovely apron, size S fits me perfectly and I am small to medium lady 🙂
    I just feel so hugged in it 🙂 Jokes aside, this is really excellent protection from hot oil, heat etc, while cooking BBQing, making fire in the open. Such a nice product!

  10. Peter

    One of the best gifts I have ever received, came for me with Almazan Kitchen carbon steel knife. Speechless. Fantastic quality, looking mighty!

  11. Saul

    The best protection for BBQ enthusiasts like me 🙂

    Premium quality leather, protects from the heat and hot liquids during food preparation, especially while BBQing… ideal for cooking over open fire! Kudos Almazan Kitchen!

  12. Martin

    Extra quality apron made of real leather, feels nice and comfortable, plenty of material to wrap around a XXL guy like me 🙂 Excellent product!

  13. John

    Extra quality apron made of real leather, feels nice and comfortable, plenty of material to wrap around a XXL guy like me 🙂 Excellent product!

  14. Softie

    very good quality leather, neatly sewn, lots of material even for big guys like me, fast shipping

  15. Acer

    sturdy quality, nice cut, comfortable, good protection from heat

  16. Brenda

    Nice! This is a top quality product! Fantastic job!

  17. Sam

    Lovely product, premium leather, superb craftsmanship! Fast shipping too!

  18. George

    This is a perfect product, good value for money, premium quality leather, neatly made… recommend!

  19. Thomas

    Want to be one sexy chef? Get this apron 🙂
    Jokes aside, this is an excellent product, premium quality, beautifully made, clean and neat stitches, attention paid to every detail! Well done Almazan Kitchen dudes!

  20. Ben

    Ordered the largest size and it’s just great although I’m a big guy. Excellent quality, I am very happy with this item and how quickly it arrived!

  21. Al

    Got this for myself, it’s great. The leather is premium quality, it’s well sewn, look very nice and one actually feels protected from the fire and hot liquids. Ideal for BBQ-ing.

  22. Divine

    Beautiful apron, a gift to myself from myself 🙂
    Premium leather, comfortable, every stitch is neat and perfect!

  23. Lisa

    A necessary piece of equipment… if you want to cook around a fire, you need protection from the heat and splashing of hot liquids… excellent idea! I see Boki cooks with it in Almazan Kitchen videos!

  24. Sven

    I’ve had this apron for a couple of weeks, must say I’m very happy with the purchase. My main worry was that it could be too stiff, but quite the contrary… the leather is very strong but soft, and it ultimately shapes around your body. Very comfortable to wear, even when I crouch down with the apron strapped around me it feels comfortable. So happy with this product, it exceeded my wildest hopes!!! Highly recommend!

  25. Odi

    Fantastic apron, I use it during BBQing, protects well against heat, accidental splashes of oil, etc. Very happy with it!

  26. Celeste

    Wonderful leather, well sewn, tidy and even stitches, plenty of material, even big guys will fit into it. Love the product!

  27. Anna

    Nice product, fast delivery, helpful seller… a winning combination. Fantastic effort guys!

  28. Tim

    The apron is just as beautiful as other stuff from this website. Almazan Kitchen have a very popular channel on YouTube and there you can see not just some great cooking, but also the things they sell as they use them in cooking videos. That’s where I saw the Serbian Chef’s carbon steel cleaver and this apron. Both products are first class, I enjoy using them. Excellent value for money. Well done!

  29. Son

    loveley apron so quality

  30. Mina

    A very beautiful apron, got it for mu husbands birthday. I see he loves it and uses it on a daily basis when he cooks. This is such a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates cooking and food!

  31. Vern

    Comfortable, strong, good quality leather, has a pocket for Almazan Kitchen knife, nice color!

  32. Fanny

    As advertised, high quality, made a great present to special someone 🙂

  33. Bart

    There were so many to choose from, but am I glad to have ordered this apron from the Almazan Kitchen web shop! It’s perfect, just as described, it arrived quickly. I have a large frame and I fit into the XL perfectly! Thank you guys, you are the best!

  34. Samir

    Fantastic artisan apron! Easy to order, delivered to the US in les than 10 days! Impressive all around! Wow.

  35. Fabrizio

    My wife gave me this for our 20th anniversary and she said, this will las a lifetime. And really, it’s so sturdy and strong, I won’t be surprised if it outlives me 🙂

  36. Frank

    Fantastic leather apron, with a pocket for Almazan Kitchen carbon steel knife. Beautifully made and so neatly sewn. I use it in the garden for BBQ as I don’t venture to cook in the woods… this one is comfortable to wear all day, and so nice, everybody loves it.

  37. Magda

    By far the sexiest thing on this web site! Wow guys, this is soooo hot! I got it for my fiancee, if we ever call off the engagement, I am taking this apron with me :), lol

    Jokes aside, a wonderful piece. The leather is of the highest quality, craft also. With this on, you will feel like a King of the woods, or at least a King of BBQ, I guarantee you that!

    Amazing job, Almazan team!

  38. Allen

    Excellent protection from hot liquids and heat (if you’re cooking on fire or BBQing), very sturdy, neatly done. Good job, Almazan Kitchen!

  39. Oscar

    I was surprised how quickly my apron arrived, when I opened it, I was in store for another surprise. The leather looked good on the photo in the web shop, but it was even better in reality. It’s rich and flexible and has lots of material for chubby people like me, I took the largest size, XL and I’m a big tall guy. It’s excellent. Since it’s so heavy duty, it doesn’t matter if it’s splashed or stained, it even looks better that way, so no fret really. Money well spent.

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