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Almazan Kitchen® Luxury Bundle MAX

Experience the best Almazan Kitchen products — in all one ultimate luxury bundle

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Special Luxurious Bundle for you or someone dear to your heart.

Only the best options you can choose in our shop are included in this bundle:

Serbian Chef’s Knife, Limited Deluxe Hide Sheath (Black Edition), Premium Wooden Box, Knife Oil, Large Cutting Board, Wood Oil, Leather Apron, Spatula Set, and All 5 Spice Mixes.


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5.00 | 24 Reviews


1 year ago


This beautiful, rich bundle actually consists of two separate bundles – it contains a spice bundle, including all five Almazan Kitchen spices, and a bundle of Almazan Kitchen products: Almazan Kitchen Original carbon steel cleaver, also known as Serbian Chef’s knife, white hide sheath, lovely wood box for the storage of the knife, knife and wood oil for the maintenance of the steel and wood items, leather apron, and a pair of teppanyaki spatulas. The spices are, in my opinion, nothing short of excellent – they bring a very specific freshness and difference to the dishes I cook and that has been noticed and praised by my family. I was familiar with the carbon steel cleaver as I had one from before, so I knew all about it. It’s a piece of cutlery I can’t do without now, I am so used to using it that I actually never went back to my old knives once I started using the Almazan Kitchen knife. I gave the first Almazan Kitchen cleaver to my dad, he loved it so much, and then I got one for myself in this bundle. All items are of high, premium quality and so well made, real luxury goods. I love the oils and will order more of each, as they are so good for the care of all metal and wooden surfaces, I even clean my wooden pearls with the wood care oil. It smells like lemons and that leaves a nice smell on the chopping board, so you can’t really feel any food smell on it. The wood box for the knife is a beautifully made storage for the knife. The leather apron looks great, it’s strong and soft at the same time, with lots of leather. Husband and I are both big people and our XL apron is plenty comfortable for both of us. And last but not least, the teppanyaki spatulas… they are just so groovy ?. I’ve never cooked with them before, so it will take a level of skill to handle them properly, but it’s not difficult. I use them on the stainless-steel iron plate that we already had and they are absolutely fantastic. Plus they look great, they are very sharp and come in an adorable leather wrap! I am so satisfied with this purchase, I couldn’t wait to find some time and share my impressions. So well done, I recommend these goods with both thumbs up!


1 year ago


A new definition of luxury kitchen tools... this is just fantastic, much better than on the stock photos. Beautiful items, premium quality materials, fast shipping and a kind seller. Glad to recommend Almazan Kitchen culinary tools!


1 year ago


This is an ultimate bundle! It contains everything I ever wanted to have! My children bought this for their old man's 60th birthday, needless to say, they brought tears to my eyes. What a gift, what a surprise! Every item is pure perfection. The best gift in my whole life.


1 year ago


This really was a leap of faith! And how rewarding one at that! The items are fantastic, each and one of them, the quality of the materials and craftsmanship are insane, so so happy I got this! I highly recommend the product and the seller!


1 year ago


This really is a MAX bundle in every sense. Max quality, max skill and craftsmanship, max beauty. This is an unforgettable present which I gave to myself :)