Almazan Kitchen® Luxury Bundle MAX

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Special Luxurious Bundle for you or dear to your heart.

Only the best options you can choose in our shop are included in this bundle:

Serbian Chef’s Knife, Limited Deluxe Hide Sheath (Black Edition), Premium Wooden Box, Knife Oil, Large Cutting Board, Wood Oil, Leather Apron, Spatula Set, and All 5 Spice Mixes.


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  1. Franklin

    This bundle finally showed me the importance of investing in quality kitchen tools. With one 450 Eur purchase, I got a large kitchen board, set of Tepanyaki spatulas, carbon knife and white hide sheath, all 5 spice mixes, and the elegant wooden knife box… This is a great price for the actual product value, I am so happy to be a proud owner of this mesmerizing set!

  2. Kenneth

    This bundle was a major addition to my kitchen. It has so much wonderful things in it. My wife recorded me unwrapping it, I was literally jumping from joy! Supremely crafted stuff! Rustic and elegant at the same time! Everything is well above any kitchen tool standard I know! Keep up the good work guys, this is excellent stuff.

  3. Henry

    Fantastic bundle, stuff that culinary dreams are made of!!! Is there anything better that this sophisticated set of premium quality kitchen utensils? WOW! Well done, boys!

  4. Amelia

    My husband and I have been Almazan Kitchen fans for a long time and I decided to get him this bundle for our 25th anniversary. Everything arrived on time and well protected, nicely packaged. The goods are of supreme quality, and my husband nearly fainted when he opened his present, and definitely shed a tear or two 🙂
    Lovely bundle, good quality products and so pretty! Thank you very much for showing respect to your fans and customers by producing such first class stuff! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  5. Tom

    Fantastic stuff, premium quality, superb craftsmanship! My hat goes down to Almazan Kitchen team! All I need to do now is cook 🙂

  6. James

    This is a whole kitchen 🙂
    Love this bundle, it’s so cleverly assembled. Arrived quickly, no damages, very, very happy with the purchase. Passed all tests with flying colors!

  7. Peter

    Worth EVERY Penny and honestly… MUCH MORE! The price for all these items is great! I’m so happy I decided to take the plunge. I was thinking between this bundle and the Luxury Bundle Plus, but could not resist the spatulas and the leather apron😊! I will definitely share the link to Almazan Kitchen webshop everywhere I can, including my personal blog, because these goods are well made, the parcel was shipped on time, the staff was very helpful when I contacted them for some details. So, this glam bundle consists of one carbon steel cleaver (Serbian Chef’s Knife), leather sheath, knife box, carbon blade and wood oils, 5 spice mixes, large cutting board, leather apron, set of Tepanyaki spatulas… a star seller! Such a comprehensive package!! Well done!

  8. Jeremy

    Finally got the bundle, it took approximately 2 weeks to arrive to the US. Everything is fantastic, the packaging was the best, so nothing is damaged. The products are great, the carbon steel cleaver, the sheath, cutting board, knife box, spices, oils, spatulas, apron. This was the best decision; these items are special. Fantastic quality, everything is done with precision and with such care. I am thrilled to own this set of kitchen utensils, such a treat!

  9. Oscar

    Guys, I got my Almazan Kitchen Luxury Bundle Max. With all this stuff, I feel like I’m in the woods shooting a video for my favorite outdoor cooking channel. This bundle is so ripe with products, let me just give a quick overview of what’s inside: Serbian Chef’s knife, that’s the cleaver we keep seeing in Almazan Kitchen videos on their YouTube channel…in this bundle it comes with the luxury white hide sheath, which is a stunning product for itself, it can be hung on a belt so that’s how you carry the knife around. The beautiful wooden box for the storge of the knife. Oils for maintenance of carbon blade and wood, large cutting board, leather apron, set of spatulas, 5 spice mixes… Need I say more? This is so well put together, so good quality, nothing short of spectacular. Way more and beyond my expectations in every respect. Thank you soooo much Almazan dudes!

  10. Loraine

    Great value for the money! The bundle is so rich, it contains the Almazan Kitchen Serbian Chef’s Knife made of carbon steel, absolute perfection of a knife, we already own one. The sheath that comes with the bundle is made of hide, but so elegant, with black details in smooth leather, really deluxe as advertised. Oils for the care of carbon steel and wood are spot on, I’ve had the one for the blade before, it’s excellent. But hear this: large cutting board, leather apron, spatula set and spices!!! I love the apron so much, my husband uses it not just when he’s around the BBQ, but also in the kitchen. It’s such a nice piece of craftsmanship, the stitches are neat, it has a pocket for the Almazan Kitchen knives we have, and it has that professional edge. Spatula set is something new for me and my husband. We googled recipes for Tepanyaki spatulas and there are so many exciting new ideas. The handling of spatulas is a matter of routine, but we’re getting there. And spices to top it off, which are excellent! Ooops, nearly forgot the premium wooden box for the cleaver!!! This was such a great move to make this bundle, I can’t thank you enough!

  11. Marija

    I got married recently and decided to prepare the wedding gift list so that guests can purchase what is on the list only. This bundle was on that list, but I thought nobody would get it for me. But how poorly I know the people around me. My best friend got me this bundle, and it’s just fantastic. My husband also adores it. In the bundle, I got the carbon steel knife with lovely white hairy sheath and premium wooden box for it. Then, the oil for the care of the carbon steel blade to prevent rusting. Also, the oil for the care of wood. Then, there is the large cutting board made of walnut tree, it looks so nice; 5 spice mixes, fantastic leather apron, and the SPATULA SET, my favorite! I have never cooked with spatulas before, but that is another reason to give it a try. Thanks dudes for this imaginative and good quality bundle of goodies!

  12. Tom

    I took some time to choose between the three bundles and in the end went for the Luxury Bundle. Worth every cent! I haven’t tried all spice mixes yet, I tried potato and red meat mix and they are excellent. The knife I know from before as I already have one Almazan Kitchen carbon steel knife, but that one I keep in the car for outdoor cooking and this one will be for the kitchen only. I have never cooked with spatulas before, now that’s a new thing. I’m very exciting I got them, can’t stop chopping 😊. They are great, I use them on the Teppanyaki grill surface in the garden and to chop veggies on the cutting board. They are so well made, so neat! This bundle also contains a beautifully made chopping board made of walnut tree, luxury knife sheath and a luxury knife box. All items are so well made, when you look at them you understand the value of hand-made goods vs stuff made in factories. I am so glad I decided to treat myself and buy this wonderful bundle.

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