Almazan Kitchen® Luxury Bundle PLUS

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Special Luxurious Bundle for you or dear to your heart.

Only the best options you can choose in our shop are included in this bundle:

Serbian Chef’s Knife, Limited Deluxe Hide Sheath (Black Edition), Premium Wooden Box, Knife Oil, Large Cutting Board, and Wood Oil.


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  1. Stefi

    A stylish bundle, with just the right amount of ruggedness and authentic quality!
    I am delighted wit it 🙂

  2. Harry

    Nice, simple and elegant set for my kitchen, indoor and outdoor 🙂

  3. Pat

    Love these Almazan Kitchen items, they are so well made, excellent effort!

  4. Yanna

    Love this set, I think the price is excellent for the value of the products… great stuff, top craftsmanship! So happy I ordered it! When you put lemon oil on the board, all smells are gone! Fantastic! The wooden knife box is a star!

  5. Yasmin

    Such beautiful products! I am speechless!

  6. Sadri

    I ordered this bundle after I’ve seen Almazan Kitchen carbon steel cleaver at a friend’s… they have such good products, so much better than most of what I’ve seen online… this bundle is fantastic, everything is so well crafted. Premium quality and superb design! Kudos to Almazan Kitchen team!

  7. Maxine

    Such a good idea to join things in a bundle, that way one can save a few bob on these exquisite items :). Great craftsmanship, well done!

  8. Alice

    Got this bundle for my brother in law, he’s a cooking enthusiast and just loves all the items. His feedback was more than positive! I recommend this bundle, it makes a great gift!

  9. Soares

    Fantastic bundle! The goods are first class, perfectly crafted and very beautiful, with a subtle touch of ruggedness, just like they should be. Wonderful effort, guys!

  10. Matthew

    First, let me say that I am a return buyer. I have been acquiring Almazan Kitchen goods over time, and I have many products – the Serbian carbon steel cleaver, small chopping board, several olive wood products – this bundle was a present for my dad. I got it for his retirement. He loves cooking and I was thinking what to give him that will make him happy. Then I remembered how much he loves my Almazan Kitchen products, the ones I have, and started searching through the bundles. This bundle was the right one for him, so I ordered it. He was thrilled, particularly with the items he hadn’t seen before, the white deluxe leather sheath and the premium walnut wood box which has a carved space inside it in the shape of the Almazan Kitchen cleaver! An exceptional gift for an exceptional man! Thank you very much for keeping the professional bar high, these products are of supreme quality!

  11. Esther

    My bundle has arrived very quickly, not even a full week since the order. Thank you so much for the efficiency and the beautiful set of kitchen utensils. The original Serbian Chef’s Knife is so fantastic, it cuts everything literally, from the large thick roots like sweet potato, to garlic. It can slice meat too. The cutting board is such a lovely brown color, it’s so beautiful maybe I will use it more for serving. This set includes also a leather sheath for the knife and a storage wooden box also for the knife, all premium quality! Oils for maintenance are also included… a full set. I am relieved everything arrived in perfect order. The packaging is excellent. The knife comes in a very nice gift box made of cardboard, plus it has the protective sponge in the inside. I did not expect anything less from one of the most professional cooking channels in the world. Thanks, Almazan Kitchen, for the high level of professionalism in everything you do!

  12. Brenda

    Got my luxury Plus bundle. Great quality, beautiful textures of wood and forged carbon steel, with authentic hammer marks! Got the carbon steel Serbian chef’s knife and the white hide sheath, premium wooden knife box, oils for maintenance of wood and steel, large cutting board! I have been bragging about this package to all my friends, I really enjoy the variety! This is a beautiful package!!!

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