Almazan Kitchen® Luxury Bundle

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Special Luxurious Bundle for you or dear to your heart.

Only the best options you can choose in our shop are included in this bundle:

Serbian Chef’s Knife, Limited Deluxe Hide Sheath (Black Edition), Premium Wooden Box, and Knife Oil


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  1. Fred

    Choosing a wedding present for a good friend got me to googling different stuff on the Internet, so I came across the Almazan Kitchen page after a search for a good kitchen cleaver. I was looking for a carbon steel heavy duty knife for my kitchen and couldn’t differentiate between so many different knives. When I found Almazan Kitchen page, their original carbon steel cleaver got my attention and I emailed the seller to get more details (seller very kind, responds quickly). I found out that their Original Almazan Kitchen carbon steel knife is an original product, protected by a US patent, and that it is completely made in Serbia, their country of origin, along with other items in this bundle – white hide sheath, called Black Edition for its black leather stitch, walnut wood box made to measure for the storage of the knife, and a very good quality mineral oil for the care of the carbon steel blade. All these items are in one bundle at a very fair price. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is stunning, the goods really look luxurious, and you can see manufacture at its best. Very glad I found them. My friend was ecstatic when he saw what I got him for his wedding present, and now I’m thinking which bundle to get for myself. Well done, Almazan Kitchen team! Fantastic goods!

  2. Aviatix

    simple yet rich, crafted with attention to detail, the knife is very sharp, the box is so lovely it has the carved space for the knife inside and a lovely lock, the sheath is made of white hide… just wonderful

  3. Ringo

    Surely one of the nicest gift I have ever bought for someone. My dad loves it. It’s so classy and perfect! well done

  4. Thomas

    attractive set nicely made good items fast shipped

  5. Nora

    This is such a great gift for any kitchen knife collector and lover! Kudos!

  6. Kevin

    Almazan Kitchen team has so generously included in this bundle a beautiful carbon steel knife, known as the Serbian Chef’s knife, a leather sheath (white hide), oil for the knife, and a walnut wood knife box. One product more beautiful then the other… Thank you guys doing things at such high level!

  7. Helena

    This is the first premium cookware piece that I own. You can only imagine my delight when this parcel arrived. It’s more beautiful in vivo than in the photo. So lovely!

  8. James

    Elegant set comprising Almazan Kitchen carbon steel knife, white hide sheath, mineral oil for the maintenance of carbon steel blade, and the very beautiful knife box made of good quality wood. I am beyond impressed. This is good stuff, seriously good stuff!

  9. Peter

    If you want to impress someone, this is a way to do it! I got this from my best friend and was speechless when I opened the present… I have never seen anything so beautiful!

  10. Deena

    This is such a beautiful, well rounded present! The rustic look, the authenticity… I love it so much!

  11. Bjork

    My parcel arrived in the US within a week from ordering, and everything in it was so nice! The famous carbon steel knife that I know from the Almazan Kitchen YouTube channel, a luxury white “hairy” sheath which is even more beautiful in person, beautiful wooden box for the knife and the oil for maintenance! I can’t wait to start using this set, I already feel like a chef 😊! I will try to make some of the easiest Almazan Kitchen recipes, there are no more excuses for not cooking now that I have all these wonderful items!

  12. Anette

    Dear friends, I have your bundle! I was so happy when I got it, my wife collected it for me yesterday. Everything in it is as in the photos. The white sheath is superb, I had no idea it was that beautiful… much, much more beautiful than the regular brown one, I think. Another object of beauty is the premium wooden box. It is so pretty, I am speechless. So beautifully made!

  13. Bertie

    Hello! It was a tough job to choose between the five Almazan Kitchen bundles. I finally chose this one as it contained most of the things I wanted to have, and the price was ok for me. I love the carbon steel knife. It proved to be very easy to handle, despite the size and funny shape. I got used to chopping with it immediately. The knife has a very nice weight, so you don’t need to press hard. It’s enough to just put a bit of pressure and it cuts through every kind of food, meat, etc. The white hide sheath is sooooo sexy, it’s a limited deluxe edition, I am glad I have it before it is sold out. The premium wooden box was such a surprise in the sense that it looks ordinary on the photo, but it’s a beautifully crafted box that has custom-made shape so only Almazan Kitchen knife can be fitted in it. The oil for the knife is excellent. So far, I have not had any rusting or staining on the knife. Well done guys!!!

  14. Oregon boy

    Love all Almazan Kitchen bundles but had to choose one only and I opted for this one. Everything in it is perfect, just like advertised. The stock photos do these items justice! Thank you Almazan Kitchen for such an effort!

  15. Octopus

    This bundle is the best thing ever! Well-assembled, I got my favorite stuff from Almazan Kitchen in one bundle. Carbon steel knife is a winner, very sharp and neatly made. The white hide premium deluxe sheath with black leather details is also beautiful. I keep the knife in the sheath while working, that’s how the knife hangs from my tool belt, and the premium wooden box is simply a showstopper. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The mineral oil by Almazan Kitchen is also very good… I am extremely happy with this purchase and I’m glad they decided to do bundles. A bundle is always the most practical thing to get as you can save a few bob.

  16. seth

    best bundle every

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