Almazan Kitchen® Original Spatula Set

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This spatula is used for preparing food on the BBQ grill flat top.

With it, you can scrape food from the griddle, flip pancakes, turn burgers, cut food while grilling it… a multifunctional utensil to make your cooking skills exciting and diverse.

*Handmade Leather Sheath included



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 11.8 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches

 12.35 oz





  1. Damian

    As I’m into carbon steel, I ordered these spatulas not knowing what to expect… they are quite good, actually very very good, so shar – beyond expectations to be truthful… nice wrap too

  2. Scottie

    This tool opened a whole new way of cooking and preparing food for me as an amateur chef. It’s fun and attractive, my friends and family love watching me cook with spatulas. They are very nicely made, very smooth, impeccable and they sit well in hands. Well done, Almazan Kitchen team and thank you for a lovely product!

  3. leo

    nice set, love the leather wrap, very cool

  4. Tom

    Never thought I could handle Tepanyaki spatulas, seemed so difficult, but it actually isn’t, a bit of exercise is all we need, fantastic quality

  5. Frog

    Another great carbon steel product by Almazan Kitchen team. Takes a little practice, but then you hardly ever go back to the traditional way of cooking. Very exciting and versatile. Nicely made, solid, hard steel, easy to maintain, comes in a beautiful leather sheath. Well done!

  6. Stellan

    I think everybody needs a pair of these 🙂
    High quality blades and handles, well made, fast shipping!

  7. Fred

    Always wanted a pair of such spatulas, but these caught my eye in Almazan Kitchen cooking videos on YT. Excellent quality!

  8. Orla

    A new addition to my kitchen, hope to master tepanyaki cooking soon, spatulas are very sharp and beautifully made, high quality

  9. Lynn

    great spatula, great fun to cook with and prepare all kinds of food, have to learn new recipes 🙂

  10. Lynn

    Great spatulas, very sharp and strong! Easy handling! Recommend!

  11. Tom

    Very good cooking tool, I use it when I work the grill. Satisfied with the purchase, the quality is beyond my expectations. Good work Almazan Kitchen team!

  12. Sean

    made a lovely present with this set, gave them to someone special and he loved it 🙂

  13. Jane

    Great spatulas, very comfortable to handle even by small hands of a woman, strong and sharp carbon blades… excellent stuff

  14. Salt

    this set has two tepanyaki spatulas and a leather sheath, all very nice, spatulas are sharp and easy to use and care for

  15. Ravi

    The order arrived very quickly, the spatulas are as advertised, quality carbon steel, very sharp! Minimum care with mineral oil, very easy to use and maintain. Excellent product that comes in a beautiful leather wrap. This has totally exceeded my expectations!

  16. Aidan

    Nice tool! This is my second pair or Almazan Kitchen spatulas, the first is in the summer cabin, and now I have them at home too! We have a garden and use the grill very often, so these babies will work hard!

  17. Oleg

    Lovely spatulas! I have the carbon steel knife from the same seller, and these products are excellent! The steel is easy care, very sharp. The general look is rugged and authentic. Happy with my purchase!

  18. Mikka

    I was thinking about Tepanyaki spatulas for a long time, but Almazan Kitchen cooking videos decided it for me. I got the spatulas and they are beautifully made! I was clumsy at the beginning because it’s a new concept for me, but with the daily use the skill is rapidly improving 🙂

  19. Pesto

    My parcel arrived as promised, within 10 days from Europe to the US, which I think is very decent. I have never used spatulas for cooking, but when I saw them in Almazan Kitchen, I immediately ordered them! They are now like an extra pair of hands to me, very, very good…

  20. Will

    What a great pair of choppers! They can cut, chop and mince like the best knives! Fantastic performance! Way to go, excellent product!

  21. Lola

    The spatulas are fantastic, I use them very often, but the leather wrap is so beautifully made, it looks like a book 🙂 Very nice! It would make a lovely present!

  22. Stanley

    Can’t live without this pair of pancake and burger flippers! Love them!

  23. Nicola

    Got my spatulas quickly and safely. They were well packaged. I use them mainly with a flat hot plate and BBQ. I also use them for pancakes, fish, pizza, eggs, meat dishes, etc. I almost completely switched to spatulas and use them daily! Excellent tool!

  24. Sophie

    The carbon steel of these spatulas is combined with high quality wooden handles, the grip is good even with wet hands. The handle is just the right length to keep the hands from the heat. The leather sheath is beautifully made! Excellent product!

  25. Stalone

    I’m a trained chef and pick my cooking utensils with care. I’ve been following Almazan cooking channel for a long time and decided to order Tepanyaki spatulas. They are so well made, they ergonomically adapt to the hand and therefore are very comfortable to hold and handle, lift and turn food. The edge is thin and blades are resistant to high temperatures. The steel itself is very good, but as any carbon steel, needs oiling between uses. I am very happy with this purchase. I got a daily go-to cooking utensil for a very fair price. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

  26. Theo

    Fantastic set of cooking spatulas, great leather wrapping!

  27. Ravi

    Seller catered to my numerous inquiries before the purchase, very attentive and professional. Fast shipping and delivery as agreed. The spatulas are sensational, all I need now is to learn how to cook with them 🙂

  28. Samuel

    Where to begin? The product is of supreme quality, both the carbon blades and the wooden handles. The leather case is so cool, didn’t expect it to look so authentic in reality! The seller is polite and punctual. Thank you very much for this pleasant experience and superb product 🙂

  29. Sammy

    Had my doubts on whether to buy this or not, because I have never cooked with spatulas before, but as the wifey says, there’s the first time for everything 🙂

    The product is just as advertised, the contact with the seller very good, shipment fast, will definitely purchase from them again. Great Job, Almazan Kitchen team!

  30. Jon

    Almazan Kitchen obviously know their stuff… this is a fantastic product, so well made! Kudos to you guys!

  31. Anthony

    Item received in good condition, quality is excellent, highly recommended, cheers

  32. Steve

    Got this for birthday from my wife. One of the best kitchen accessories I’ve ever had! It’s amazing, once you get a bit of routine, food preparation is so much faster! And more fun! You can use the spatulas for pretty much any food, they chop just like a knife!

  33. Monte

    I’ve had my Original Almazan knife for a little over a year and absolutely love it!! It’s always a hit at our tailgate parties due to being so unique and recognized by so many from the awesome videos that so many people have seen featuring the knife. I also recently got the spatula set and they are super heavy duty as well. I highly recommend these products you will definitely be satisfied….

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